What is a normal starting salary?

The starting salary with which you are employed by an employer is indicative for the rest of your career with that employer. Future increases are often expressed as a percentage of the salary. A high starting salary is therefore very important. Employers are lining up for young people with certain high levels of education. Employers are looking for starters on the labor market with a higher vocational education or preferably a university degree. Young people would be wise not to go into a conversation with an employer unprepared. As a starter, you do not yet know exactly what you are worth and how much salary you can reasonably ask for. You have little or no experience, but you do have a good education.

Interest of the employer

Many employers would like to get in touch with recent graduates. On the one hand, they would like to employ these people, but they do not want to pay top price for them, because they do not take experience with them. These employees have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but they have not yet proven themselves in practice. The employer prefers to hire very good employees at a reasonable price. The employer has no interest in giving employees too low a salary. They will leave for another employer for a better salary, then the employer’s investments will be in vain. However, the employer will try to skimp on the salary.

Reason why an employer cannot pay more salary

There are dozens of reasons why an employer cannot give a higher salary, but an employer who wants you always has options. Employers often use fixed starting salaries that all starters receive. If they really want you, there are always options to offer something extra. If this is not possible at the moment or the employer wants to determine your added value first, make good agreements. Record on paper that, for example, the salary will increase one scale after one year if performance is good. Putting it on paper is important. You do not know for sure whether the manager or HR employee in question will still be employed in one year’s time.

Importance for the employee of the starting salary

A starting salary can be crucial for the further career with the employer. Future increases are often fixed amounts or percentages of income. You do not have to ask for a higher salary at a lower salary. In general, salaries, outside of fixed increases, are only increased in the event of a promotion. 250 more at the start can make a big difference in the future. The extra spending space this gives you is not that important, but the perspective improves through a higher salary.

What is a normal starting salary?

As a starter you cannot immediately expect to start high up in the tree. You have invested in training and the employer invests in you without you having yet proven to be a good employee. I came across the indicative starting salaries below on Geldenrecht.nl and Zibb.nl. These are rounded annual amounts.



Salary Account manager


Salary Process engineer


Computer Programmer Salary


Junior consultant salary


Personnel Officer Salary


Salary Assistant controller


Salary Policy Officer