Occupation under scrutiny: pet boarder

An animal boarder chooses this profession with his heart: with a heart for animals. The training is not that difficult and is very fun to follow. Opening your own guest house requires the necessary business and practical knowledge. The work is varied and challenging, and one should not be afraid of large dogs. The salary can vary greatly, but most are satisfied with a nice average income. The profession of pet boarder under scrutiny.

Pet boarder training courses

To start an animal boarding facility, you need training as an animal boarding/shelter keeper. This training can be followed in Bunnik or Barneveld. No prior training is required. During the training, attention is paid to theory, but a certain number of hours of internship will also be required.


The income of a pet boarder is entirely dependent on the number of animals brought in and whether the boarder has any additional activities, such as the sale of pet supplies. The number of employees employed is also related. After deducting all costs, the pensioner himself should have a “normal” income for himself, sufficient to be able to live and support his family. This should amount to at least 2,500 euros gross per month. When the company starts to lose money, it is time to take a good look at things and approach the plans differently.

Position of pet boarder

One becomes an animal boarder because one has a heart for animals. The animal boarding house cares for animals belonging to people who are going on holiday or who are unable to care for their pet for a while due to work. The customer must be received, information provided, cages and cages must be kept clean and maintained. Attention will have to be paid to the individual animal, including health. The pet boarder should not be afraid to call in a veterinarian if he has doubts about the health of an animal. Making plans for the occupancy of the cages and cages, settling payments with the customer and, if necessary, training staff. In addition, a pet boarder will have to maintain contact with the supplier of pet food and other supplies, and build and maintain stocks.

Professional organization

An animal boarding house owner can join the trade organization Dibevo. This organization consists of members from various sectors: pet shops, pet boarders, dog grooming salons, wholesalers and manufacturers of pet supplies, garden centers with a pet department, pond shops and fishing shops. The trade organization represents the interests of its members. They also publish a trade magazine. The pet boarder can use the general terms and conditions of the trade organization for use by his customers.

Pet boarding in the news

An animal boarding house is generally not that expensive, but one American thought it was. The man wanted to go on holiday with his family, but the family’s two mongrel dogs could not come along. The owner thought a dog boarding facility was a bit too expensive, so he shot his two dogs with a gun. The man was sentenced to three months in prison.