Occupation under scrutiny: restaurateur

Becoming a restaurateur is a conscious choice; you run your own company with it. There is good training available, which provides the necessary paperwork. The salary depends on the income, of which, after deduction of fixed costs and personnel costs, a part is available to the restaurant owner himself. The positions are very broad and diverse, with a certain level of final responsibility. There is a professional association available for restaurateurs. Occupation under scrutiny: restaurateur.

Restaurateur training courses

Some people who run their own restaurants got into it through a previous profession or an inheritance. Training is available for the restaurant company (including the Hygiene Code for the Hospitality HACCP). The course prepares you for the Restaurant Business Diploma. No prior training is required.


The income of a restaurateur is variable: one season may be busier than another, causing income to fluctuate greatly. The number of employees employed is also related. After deducting all costs, the restaurant owner himself should have a “normal” income for himself, sufficient to live and support his family. This should amount to at least 2,500 euros gross per month. Sometimes one sees that a restaurant only makes a loss; there is then no income left for the restaurant owner. Debts can become high in this way. It is therefore important to draw up a good business plan in advance and possibly be prepared to switch to plan B if plan A does not work.

Position restaurateur

As a restaurateur you have a wide range of functions. They take care of the entire ins and outs of the restaurant. The accounting can possibly be outsourced. Contact with suppliers, advertising, maintaining stocks, hiring staff. Certain functions can be transferred to the staff, but the final responsibility remains with the restaurant owner. It is ensured that the staff does a good job and ensures the maintenance of the restaurant, kitchen and storage space. A restaurateur is usually the host and receives the customers. Hospitality and making the customer feel comfortable is paramount. The restaurant owner provides the necessary paperwork and permits to run the restaurant.

Professional organization

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland is the professional organization for the catering industry. They monitor the correct regulations within the catering industry and represent the interests of its members. They offer various insurance policies and discounts. People can go here for advice on starting, running or ending the business. Many sectors are registered, including restaurants.

Restaurant owner in the news

In China there is a restaurant owner who only has virgin chickens on his menu. Immediately after birth, the chickens are housed on a farm where no roosters roam around. Not even a rooster around, so the chicken can’t even flirt. As strange as this idea may sound, the restaurant is doing excellent business with it and attracts many customers.