Profession under scrutiny: nurse

Nursing staff sometimes have a hard time, but the work is very satisfying. The functions are very diverse, but everything has to do with the well-being and health of the patient. Working hours can take place during the day or at night. The salary can be called average. The term nurse can be replaced by nurse, and should be read as such where applicable. The nursing profession under scrutiny.

Nurse training

To work as a nurse or nurse, one needs a Nursing diploma (MBO or HBO). The MBO level is level 4, the highest level is level 5 and corresponds to HBO level. The nursing course lasts four years. HAVO, VWO or MBO-4 diplomas apply as previous education.


Being a nurse is hard work: both mentally and physically. It is also very satisfying to see the patient improve. The average salary of a nurse is:

  • gross annual salary: 27,000 euros
  • number of working hours: 36 hours per week
  • work experience: 3-10 years
  • type of contract: permanent employment

Income is also related to education, position, age and work experience. In nursing, people work at different levels, so the salary can also differ. Please note: the amounts above are examples. This concerns amounts from the year 2010. No rights can be derived from this.

Nurse position

Working in nursing can be done in many locations: in a hospital, in an institution, in people’s homes, etc. The functions of a nurse are caring for wounds, administering injections, cleaning and caring for unnatural openings such as a stoma, applying and removing an IV or catheter, rinsing wounds, bandaging, measuring blood pressure and temperature, checking the patient’s condition, etc. Listening to the patient is also a large part of the functions; people would like to express their complaints and dissatisfaction and this usually happens to the first person they come into contact with: nursing staff. Contact and close consultation with the doctor or GP is also the nurse’s task.

Professional organization

NU’91 is a professional organization for nursing staff. It has approximately 20,000 members. NU’91 represents the interests of its members. She also monitors the quality of education and legal regulations. There is also the AVVV (general meeting of nurses and carers), and there are more professional organizations for more specific nurses. As a nurse or nurse, it is always good to be affiliated with a professional association. You can go here with any questions or problems you encounter.

Nurse in the news

September 2009: At a hospital in Pennsylvania, a nurse showed an 18-year-old girl how to swallow nails. The girl was in the psychiatric ward and swallowed four nails, after which the nails had to be removed from the stomach. The nurse told the court that she suffers from a condition where she has a tendency to swallow metal objects. The nurse is now being treated for this abnormality.