Overview of monthly expenses

Not everyone has a good overview of his or her monthly expenses. It is especially difficult for starters to determine how much they need monthly. Once you know how much your expenses are, it is possible to determine what your minimum monthly income should be. And where there are opportunities to make cuts if necessary. It is important to distinguish between fixed and variable costs. If you are short on cash, it will be easier to see where you can cut back and where you cannot. You cannot suddenly adjust the fixed costs, while you can, for example, pay more attention when shopping for variable costs. To give you an idea of what costs you will face, most of them are discussed here. Not all costs are the same or important for everyone.

Fixed costs


  • rent
  • rental allowance
  • mortgage
  • mortgage interest deduction

Logically, of course, the costs for your home. When you rent, you will have to deal with rental costs. This may include service costs such as gas/water/electricity, municipal taxes and home insurance. If you have your own front door, you may be entitled to housing allowance from the government. You must then meet a number of conditions, for example your income may not be too high. Rent allowance therefore lowers your rental costs in principle. If you own a home, this will of course be replaced by the mortgage costs minus the mortgage interest deduction.

Gas water Light

  • gas
  • water
  • electricity
  • cv maintenance contract

Very important of course! In the case of a rental property, it is possible that these costs are included in the rent under the name service costs. Even if you have your own home, it is possible that this can be arranged jointly through an Owners’ Association, which is often the case when you live in an apartment.

Municipal taxes

  • sewage tax
  • water system tax
  • waste tax
  • sewerage law
  • cleaning right
  • property tax (own home)

These are also costs that you will almost always have to deal with. Sometimes these costs are already included in the service costs.


  • health insurance (premium + deductible)
  • healthcare allowance
  • home contents and building insurance
  • accident insurance
  • legal expenses insurance
  • funeral insurance
  • car insurance
  • travel insurance

It is always good to be well insured. Of course, you don’t have to be insured for everything. Health insurance is mandatory for everyone in the Netherlands. If you have a low income, you can apply for healthcare allowance from the government. This will reduce your healthcare costs.


  • road tax
  • roadside assistance
  • public transport subscription

Not to forget, of course, the costs of transport. If you have your own car, you probably have to pay road tax and there is a good chance that you have also registered for roadside assistance. If you do not have your own car, you may regularly use another means of transport such as public transport. There are also costs involved.


  • TV
  • internet
  • landline
  • cell phone
  • TV Guide
  • newspaper
  • Magazines
  • library

What is often overlooked is the number of subscriptions people are subscribed to. The most common ones are listed above.

Variable cost

  • groceries
  • Barber
  • clothing
  • sport
  • Hobbies
  • going out
  • gifts
  • bus and train tickets
  • petrol
  • car repairs and MOT
  • bicycle repairs and maintenance
  • other

The variable costs are the costs that can differ monthly. One month you spend more on one thing and the next month you spend more on another. If you want to cut back, this is the category you can start with right away. The costs from the previous categories usually have a notice period in the contract. It is best to cancel as soon as possible, but the costs will only disappear once the contract has been terminated.

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