How should I network?

Employees with a good network are generally more successful in their careers. They manage to climb the career ladder just a little easier. It’s all about the people you know and the people who know you. By building a business network you often have a wheelbarrow to success. This mainly applies to employees at management level and to employees with commercial professions. Employees who are without a job can also use their network to look for a new position. In practice, it appears that 70 percent of the available functions are provided within networks. This does not always have to happen via a business network. People in your area can also help you find another job through contact.

Tips for optimal use of your network

Online networking

Nowadays you can no longer do without the online networks on the Internet. The Internet has become the most important tool for maintaining contact with friends, but also with business relations. You can also use social networks such as Facebook to maintain your business relationships. There are also online networks that are more focused for business purposes. The best known and most used is LinkedIn. Creating an account with this website and updating it properly can be an added value in maintaining your network.

Look beyond your own network

The advantage of a network is that your reach is very large. You can also use the network of the people in your network. Also take a look within the network of the people within your network. The shared knowledge is the link that connects you. However, it should not be a goal in itself to continually expand your network. It is better to keep your network pure by only adding people who add something to your network.

Search within online networks

The power of online networking is the fact that all active people are easy to approach. You can specifically search for certain features that can help you achieve your goal. You can also actively look for potential new customers. For example, a freelancer can gain attention from potential clients. For example, you can try to get in touch with this client via a detour. This can be done very easily, for example, by asking a question that has no direct commercial intentions behind it. You should avoid destroying your reputation by spamming indiscriminately.

Pay due attention to your profile, or don’t start at all

By maintaining a poorly updated profile you can destroy more than you achieve. It is incredibly careless to leave outdated information on your profile. Your account says something about yourself.

Networking is investing time

Setting up a network is not something you can do in just a few weeks. You have to put in a lot of time and energy to make it a success. Everyone has a network, but to set up and maintain a good network, you must also try to actually maintain contacts.