Shopping without spending too much

Things are not always made easy for you when it comes to shopping. Stores take customers’ weaknesses into account. They will do everything they can to encourage impulse purchases. They have all kinds of tricks for this so that the chance increases that you as a consumer buy things that you actually don’t need at all. How do they actually do that?

Reorganizing the store

Rearranging the store is one of the tricks. This way they force you to go through the entire store again. So they let you walk past those delicious cookies, sweets and chips because you really have no choice. They do this on purpose to make sure you get confused. If you always shop at the same store, you will notice that you always walk the same route. At a certain point this happens almost without thinking about it. You probably only focus on the things you really need. By changing the store layout, they ensure that you have to look around you more so that the things you don’t really need come into view again. This also increases the chance that you will make impulsive purchases. You can prevent this by just sticking to your shopping list if you notice this. If a store has been reorganized, you now know that you have to pay extra attention because impulse purchases are lurking. The sooner you get used to the new layout, the better.

The store layout

Each store often has a similar layout. For example, they often place the products that you need almost every day at the very back of the store. This includes bread, dairy and meat. You can often find these products on the side or at the very back of the store. So you first have to visit the other shelves with all those tempting products. To avoid impulsive purchases, never go grocery shopping without knowing what you need. Therefore, never go shopping without a shopping note because this increases the chance of impulse purchases. Adjust your shopping to the layout of the store and stay on the outside of the store as much as possible. If you do this you will see that it is much cheaper.

The shelves in the supermarket

They think about everything these days. Even the shelf layout has been carefully thought out. The products at eye level are the branded products. The house brand and cheaper products can be found at the top and bottom of the shelf. In this way they ensure that the cheaper products are less noticeable, while these products are not less tasty or less good.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons can often be found in brochures, advertising materials, home advertisements and magazines. If you use this, you must remember that even a branded product with a discount is probably more expensive than the own brand or cheaper product of the same. You can also find discount coupons at

The market

In some places there is a market once a week. Here you can buy some products cheaper than in the store. The disadvantage is that you can never be 100% sure whether the product you buy is actually good. Therefore, always keep your wits about you.