Arrange the big moving day well: this is how you move (tips)

Moving to a rental house or other owner-occupied home? View this moving checklist, the tips and the step-by-step plan for everything you need to arrange to move without any problems. Even if you have found a new home and the new purchase or rental has been arranged, you cannot simply rest on your laurels and wait. In addition to the notary and mortgage, everything must be arranged before you can move. And how much does a move cost these days? Moving cheaply is also possible.

Moving, how do you arrange this cheaply?

  • Moving to another house means a lot of arrangements
  • How much does a move cost?
  • Moving cheaply
  • Moving: step-by-step plan and tips
  • Moving and terminating the rent on time
  • Arrange a mover
  • Moving and postal delivery
  • Temporary storage of goods
  • Moving and the telephone and cable
  • Only 1 month left before the move
  • Moving and the gas, water and electricity
  • Registering in the new municipality and deregistering from the old municipality
  • Inform the bank(s) and insurer
  • Which insurance policies should I cancel?
  • Cleaning old and new home
  • On the moving day itself
  • Take the meter readings
  • Check the house
  • Have cash on you
  • Move smartly

Moving to another house means a lot of arrangements

The rollercoaster on the way to a new home is quite an intensive search. You have to look at countless addresses and also go on location. Then first comes the provisional purchase contract or rental contract and finally the mortgage. You would think so. But whether you buy or rent a new home, you almost always leave an existing home behind. You also have to arrange everything for this and that starts at least two months in advance.

How much does a move cost?

Although the costs of a move differ per moving company, there is something to be said about it. Because the costs depend on:

  • The distance to be covered: how many kilometers must be driven.
  • The number of movers needed to ensure the move runs smoothly.
  • The amount of contents and furniture that needs to be moved.
  • Do you live on a floor on the third floor or on the ground floor?
  • Have the boxes already been packed or do the movers have to do that?
  • Are there fragile goods, such as antiques or a piano, that require special treatment?

Moving cheaply

Because the costs vary so much per mover, it is highly advisable to ask several companies in advance what they would charge for the move. This way you can arrange a cheap move. But a move also becomes cheaper if you can do everything yourself:

  • Disassemble the furniture yourself.
  • Drive up and down a few times yourself, rent a van. You can then have the larger items done by a moving company.
  • If you want to get rid of some furniture or other goods because they are old or do not fit in the new home, call the Thrift Store. He collects the items for free.
  • Moving is a great time to see what you still need. What you don’t have to take with you doesn’t have to be paid for and it saves you having to carry it around.
  • Family and friends are often happy to lend a helping hand.
  • Moving during the week is often cheaper.

Moving: step-by-step plan and tips

The most important matters, if there are still two months before the move that still need to be arranged, are:

1. Moving and terminating the rent on time

Almost anything is possible by mutual agreement. The landlord and tenant mutually agree that the lease will end on a certain date and that the tenant will return the property empty to the landlord on that date. In this situation there are no obligations regarding the notice period or sending a registered letter. But to be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to confirm the cancellation and the agreements made by registered letter. This prevents problems later. The law stipulates that the notice period may not be shorter than one month and not longer than three months. If mutual agreement does not work, cancel your rental by registered mail, taking these terms into account. If you do not cancel, the rental contract will continue for the duration of the contract. Finally, don’t forget to ask for your deposit back.

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2. Arrange a mover

Many people move in our country themselves with an estate bin or van. Everything has to be arranged for this. It is more comfortable to let yourself be moved. There are all kinds of moving websites on the web where you can request quotes online. The golden guides for a moving company in the area are of course useful. In practice, it appears that the agendas of movers are quite full, so start on time.

3. Moving and postal delivery

You can go to the TNT moving service online. There you must complete an extensive questionnaire including questions about the date of move, who needs to be informed and whether moving tickets need to be created. All your mail will be taken care of in one go. The notified organizations, up to 300 in number, often need a month to process the change of address.

4. Temporary storage of goods

You may need to use temporary storage. Arrange this in a timely manner.

5. Moving and the telephone and cable

This involves transferring, canceling or requesting a new subscription for cable and/or landline telephone. Check what the notice periods are and arrange your move online or by registered letter. At KPN, for example, you can move your subscription online. Pay attention to the moving period, because it can take up to 20 working days with internet plus calling.

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Only 1 month left before the move

The most important steps are:

1. Moving and the gas, water and electricity

In this case it concerns both canceling and requesting gas, water and electricity. How many different suppliers you will deal with depends on where you live. In the worst case scenario there are six. Request the necessary forms from these suppliers in a timely manner.

2. Registering in the new municipality and deregistering from the old municipality

If you move, you must report your new address to the municipal personal administration within five working days. This does not necessarily have to be done in advance, but it is arranged regularly. You will then automatically be deregistered from your old place of residence. You can register very easily via the internet or in person at the town hall. You must bring proof of identification.

3. Inform the bank(s) and insurer

It depends on the situation whether these facilities can easily be moved.

4. Which insurance policies should I cancel?

Many insurers provide temporary cover for both addresses. Temporary is a period of ninety days. However, it is a good idea to call the insurer again and point out the change of address again. Another factor that plays a role is that the new house will have different features and may require adjusted insurance. Consider the type of roofing, the house layout and possibly also information about the adjacent houses and buildings. The different environment can also have consequences for, for example, car insurance: for example, one part of the country has more burglaries than another location.

5. Cleaning old and new home

This always turns out to take more time than hoped. Sometimes painting and the like can already be started in the new house.

On the moving day itself

The last draws on the moving day itself, when the moving boxes are filled and you actually want to leave, are:

1. Take the meter readings

Take the meter readings and pass them on to the suppliers. This applies to both the old and new house. Within a maximum of two months you will receive a final invoice for the old house or the advance payment for the new one. This may vary, but it would be a good idea to sound the alarm.

2. Check the house

Check the entire house before you get in the car. Do this carefully, lock everything properly and finally hand over the keys.

3. Have cash on you

Often everything is in bags or boxes that are barely accessible. Therefore, make sure you also have cash with you for the journey.

Move smartly

I wish you a good move and that should certainly be possible with the above moving tips. Be sure to choose a good mover.

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