Borrow money: delete BKR registration

How can you delete a BKR registration? You can do this yourself, but also with the help of specialized companies. They can help you navigate the entire path to a debt-free existence. After such a process you are registration free. And what do those BKR codes mean again? The BKR has participants (companies and institutions). If you have payment arrears with one of these participants, this will be passed on to the BKR over time. The participants of the BKR are obliged to inform you in advance that they are passing on your payment arrears to the BKR. Once passed on, you will receive a certain coding.

What do the BKR codes mean?

The BKR uses four different codes to indicate a certain status. The coding also indicates whether it concerns payment arrears. The four different codes that the BKR uses are:

  • Code A1
  • Code A2
  • Code A3
  • Code A4
  • Code H

BKR Code A1

With this coding, some banks will not easily grant a mortgage because there has been a certain period of payment arrears. Furthermore, this coding means that:

  • there has been a payment arrears
  • a payment arrangement has been made

BKR Code A2

This coding means that:

  • the remainder of the claims against you has been made payable to the lender
  • the creditor can have your assets (car, house, income, etc.) seized through the court

BKR Code A3

This coding means that an amount of at least €250 has been debited from the debt. An end date is stated if there is total discharge. Only then will an end date be stated.

BKR Code A4

If you have this coding at the BKR, this means that you cannot be found by the authorities involved. Untraceable means that there is no known permanent place of residence or that you cannot be traced.

BKR Code H

The code H means that all payment arrears have been cleared. The A coding you previously had is then converted into an H coding. You will then be debt free.

Delete BKR registration

If you have a BKR registration, you will have to deal with companies that see you as a potential defaulter for five years. Even if you have cleared all payment arrears, you are still seen as a risk when issuing new loans and mortgages. A BKR code is often used as a means of coercion to obtain payments. It is possible to remove the BKR registration/coding. There are two ways to do this:

  • remove yourself
  • have the registration removed by a former creditor

Delete BKR registration yourself

There is a way to do this yourself. You can submit a request to any bank to view your own BKR coding. A few days after the application you will receive a message and you can see which company caused the BKR registration. If the code is incorrect or should not have been registered, you can file a complaint with the BKR.

Have the BKR registration removed by a specialized company

After you have determined that the coding at the BKR is correct, you can try to enter into an agreement with a former creditor in which all debts are waived. You can try it yourself or with the help of specialized companies. These companies help more than 50% of their customers to have their registration with the BKR removed.