Writing reviews for Ciao, how and what

Suppose you can write a nice piece of text (and you don’t find writing an unpleasant activity). That’s fun of course and proves that you didn’t spend all the time talking to your friends at school. But what if you can also earn something from that nice piece of text? Why would you pass up that opportunity? Writing reviews about all kinds of products is one way to make money. This can be done on the Ciao website. How? And what? Read on for all information about this review site.

What is Ciao?

Ciao is a website where you can compare prices of products, but where you can also read extensive product reviews. In addition, it is also easy to earn some extra money if you write reviews for the site yourself. The site has a large database with all kinds of products, below you will find some more information about the products in this database.

The product categories

Do you have a lip gloss from HEMA in your beauty case? Or have you purchased the latest version of Windows and would you like to tell us something about it? The product categories in the database always have something interesting to offer.

  • Hotels – A good or lousy experience with a hotel? Write it down! In this section you can write reviews about domestic and foreign hotels.
  • Beauty – A real make-up fanatic or do you have a lot of perfumes on your bedside table? These are valuable products and really yield a good amount of money (provided you write well!)
  • Film/DVD – Seen the latest Sex and the City film in the cinema or picked up an old-fashioned DVD? Your movie review is very welcome on Ciao.
  • CDs – Music fan and want to share your opinion about that one nice CD, then look up this Ciao category.
  • Books – Children’s books, cookbooks, thrillers, English books, a wonderful category to delve into as a bookworm.
  • Websites/webshops – A section for which a lot is written is the section where webshops are described. Very useful to check in advance whether that vague online store is really that reliable.
  • Computers/Audio – There are a number of review writers active on Ciao who provide very good and extensive information about computers and associated equipment. Especially when making a large purchase, it is nice to know more about the (not too cheap) product in advance.

To deserve? How?

The whole Ciao concept is simple. Depending on the product you describe, you will receive compensation of 1.2 or 3 cents per review. You get these reviews from fellow Ciao writers. If you are the first to describe a product (and you do this in a good way), you will receive double the amount for the first month that your review is on the Ciao site. Suppose you write a review about a Teletubbie DVD (which is worth 3 cents per review) that is not yet in the Ciao database. The review you write is in order and does not contain any strange spelling errors, is neat in format, contains useful information and has not been secretly copied from someone else, then you will receive 10 fellow Ciao reviews, so not 0.30 cents in total, but 0.60 cents. The permanent Ciao writers review the latest reviews every day. And they will also give you honest feedback if something is wrong or if you have written a great review. A bonus fund of 3000 Euro is also distributed every month. Depending on the number of reviews you have written and their quality, you can share them. I know from my own experience that this can yield quite a bit extra monthly in addition to the normal writing fees. Ciao pays out every month and you can request a payment via your own Ciao account. This money then arrives at your regular bank account number.

I’m going to work on this!

You have read this article and you would like to write for Ciao? Then visit the site and register yourself. But: before you write, read some good and highly rated reviews. Bad reviews are not only useless to readers who visit the site, they also irritate the regular Ciao reviewers enormously. And this in turn ensures that you get a bad review (which means NOTHING). Have fun writing!