Elements of the marketing mix, the 6 P’s

In addition to the 4 P’s that were used in the marketing mix from the last century, we add 2 new elements, namely personnel and process, which certainly belong to the list.

Marketing mix

So we are talking about the 6 Ps here, namely personnel, product, process, place, price and promotion. Once you have control over these elements, you are able to tackle the competition. ICT plays a central overarching role here.


It is not without reason that staff is the first P, because staff often plays an important role. Especially when it comes to services, where contacts play an important role. The staff can make or break contact. Important issues with this P are internal marketing and the Balanced Scorecard.


Of course, this is what it’s all about. That’s what the customer asks for. It is important to have insight into the development of products or services and to be able to describe the life cycle. Choices in range and brands are decisive.


It is important that you can map the process and how processes can be compared. When benchmarking is applied, it is also possible to improve the process. The concept of ISO certification is an increasingly emerging phenomenon.


Also called distribution. This is about location choice: through which channels do we want to sell the product or service? In addition, capacity determination and utilization plays an important role.


It is important to establish a good pricing strategy. The price is often assessed in combination with the quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price may be. However, the lower you keep the price, the more will be sold. The margin is again important to arrive at the correct ratio.


Often gets the most attention. Still only accounts for 10 to 30% of the added value. New media have acquired such a large position that it is becoming increasingly complex. What communication mix do we determine? And can we still measure it?

Overall picture

Central question: who, what, how, where, when? Books about marketing: Marketing books