Muchachomalo boxers, price and outlet

Muchachomalo boxers are at least as popular in 2017 as clothing from Bjorn Borg. In 2008, the Spanish clothing brand Muchachomalo was launched in the Netherlands and within 18 months the brand’s success grew beyond the seams. Muchachomalo means ‘Naughty Boy’ in Spanish, which does not mean that this clothing is only for boys. The manufacturer has probably used a good marketing strategy, but some products sell themselves. Muchachomalo mainly sells boxer shorts for young men, but also pants and bras for girls. You can also get Muchachomalo underwear for children. Muchachomalo boxer shorts, swimsuits, swimming trunks, bikinis, tops and underwear from small to large, are usually printed with busy, colorful prints. One design is even more beautiful or funnier than the other. Muchachomalo urban streetwear owes its popularity to the cheerful appearance of the clothing, and at the same time it is cool and progressive. Just like the Bjorn Borg clothing, Muchachomalo also has a wide band on which the brand name is printed, but the prints on the fabric are the most striking. Busy prints with a wink. Often busy, funny, imaginative, cool, hip, hip, colorful, and so on. You cannot ignore this brand because it stands out so much. It has its own style that is mainly expressed in the busy, cheerful prints.

Designer underwear

Exclusive designs are used that have a real Muchachomalo appearance, so you can immediately see that it is from the Muchachomalo brand. The colors are striking but busy in a good way. Furthermore, the clothing is of excellent quality and has a nice fit.

Muchachomalo for men and boys

Originally, the brand focused mainly on underwear for men. Especially ‘naughty’ boxer shorts in modern colors with busy prints were a great success. Not much later, a successful children’s underwear line for boys was also designed. The boxer shorts for boys have a wider waistband.

Muchachomalo underwear for women and girls

But because the brand was immediately successful, it soon also included boxer shorts, tops and swimwear for women and girls. These are just as successful. All underwear and swimwear from Muchachomalo usually have busy prints.

Who wears Muchachomalo?

Muchachomalo may have that little bit extra that hip, adventurous people need. Muchachomalo underwear, swimwear and socks are mainly worn by young people, but boxer shorts with modern prints can also be a nice gift for the elderly.

Muchachomalo price. How much do the boxers cost?

How much does this brand of clothing cost approximately? Muchachomalo is brand clothing and brand clothing is always more expensive than regular clothing. The Muchachomalo prices can be compared with the prices of other branded clothing. The brand is best known for its boxers. In 2017, a boxer costs an average of €29 to €45 per pack and they are sold 2 in a pack. However, more affordable underwear from this clothing brand can also be found, because unlike many other brands, you can sometimes buy Muchachomalo as single pieces or 3 in a pack. You can also regularly find the brand on sale for a lower price.

Muchachomalo outlet

In the sale you have a chance to find discounted brand clothing. There is often a sale at the end of a season, because that is when people want to put the clothes for the new season on the shelves. You can get cheaper Muchachomalo boxers from:

  • Marketplace.
  • Outlet.

Muchachomalo is trendy

Young people like Muchachomalo because it is more exciting, cooler, more striking, daring, with beautiful, bold and imaginative prints. Bjorn Borg also came to the market after 2011 with wilder, busier prints and brightly colored underwear has continued to be popular ever since. IN 2017 you can buy the following clothing from Muchachomalo:

  • Boxer shorts for men and boys.
  • Swim trunks for men and boys.
  • Boxer shorts and briefs for women and girls.
  • Swimsuits and bikinis for women and girls.
  • Socks for all ages.

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