Create a perfect CV

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a permanent part of an application. Creating a perfect resume is virtually impossible. By following a few tips you can make your CV stand out more. The letter, together with the CV, should sell you as an applicant. You may have built an appealing career, but if the CV is not appealing, the choice will soon fall to someone else. The CV will contain personal matters. The CV gives the employer an impression of you as a person. In addition, he also gets a clear picture of the training courses you have followed and the work experience you have gained. The perfect CV is impossible to create, because everyone has a different opinion about what a CV should look like.

Prepare CV

With the increasing competition on the labor market, it is important to stand out. Choosing a surprising format for your CV can make your application stand out just a little more. On the other hand, it is not the intention that it will become confusing. Your cover letter states the reason why you are applying and the CV fills in the missing information. You can find several different variations of application letters and CVs as examples on the internet.

Tips to make your CV stand out:

1) Record profile

Most CVs are a simple summary of various facts. You can make the Curriculum Vitae more personal by including a short profile. In a few sentences you will describe what your ambitions are and it can also say something about yourself as a person. A well-crafted profile gives the reader the feeling that you are the right person for the company.

2) Deviate from standard

Recruiters and personnel officers have seen many resumes during their careers. By taking a first look at the CV, they can already say something about the person behind it. Most people make the CV very standard with a fixed format. For example, just by playing with the font and bold you can make your CV stand out differently. It may also contain a surprising element, but you must be careful with excessively deviant behavior.

3) Explain facts

It is best to add a brief explanation of the work performed in the employment history. With a short job description, it is not clear to most people what your work has looked like in previous positions. The facts you include in your CV should not be a simple summary. If you mention that you are very commercial, you must also explain this with facts that demonstrate this.

4) Activities or results achieved

The explanation per employer often contains a description of the activities. It is better to base this on the results achieved. This will make the CV more appealing and it says something about the return instead of the tasks you had to perform. This makes your CV more personal and will appeal more to the employer.

5) Check, check and check

Applicants often spend a lot of time preparing a cover letter and CV, but forget to check it. It is wise to read it several times before sending it. You should pay particular attention to small details that you can easily read over. Once you are convinced that it is completely correct, have someone else read it through. There may be inaccuracies that you keep reading about.