Email for money

Processing emails is a common form of working from home. Many companies promote themselves through mailings, sending surveys or advertising. Home workers are often used for this. This is cheaper for the entrepreneur and homeworkers like to do it. There are various forms of making money with email. This article tells more about this.

Process email

A very well-known form of working from home is processing emails. Various activities can also be found in this form of working from home. For example, you can be instructed to approach people by email and try to attract new customers, you can send mailings, answer people’s questions by email or check emails for errors.

Sales via email

A well-known form of working from home using email is selling via email. The advantage of this is that you often get a standard setup and can send it to many people at the same time. In many cases you will not receive a response to these emails, because people are not interested in the product or because they surf directly to the website of the selling company. Of course, there are also people who want to know more about the product, so you may have to reply to an incoming email again to inform the potential customer.

Send mailings

Sending a mailing does not have to be difficult at all. However, it can become very monotonous over time. Many companies give you a sample mailing that you can put directly on the email and forward to as many people as possible. It is also possible that the company leaves the design of the mailing to you and then it becomes a lot more interesting. It becomes even more fun if you can do the research yourself into the target group and where it is located. You are then busy with various activities for the same assignment and that makes it a lot more fun to do.

Answer emails

Before you order a service or product, you naturally want to know what it is exactly. More and more companies have a separate mailbox for this or an online questionnaire form. To be able to answer emails properly, you naturally need knowledge of the service or product. Fortunately, in most cases the client will provide you with a manual in which you can find all the answers. You are supposed to answer questions about the email in a clear and concise manner and recommend the product or service again to give potential customers the final push.


Especially in very large companies, hundreds of emails are sometimes sent per day. This often concerns standard emails, but in many cases something needs to be adjusted to the standard design. Because there is not enough work to hire a permanent person for this, these emails are often edited by the departments themselves. To ensure that there are no spelling errors in the emails or attachments, they are checked by home workers who have an excellent command of the Dutch language.