Work from home as a consultant

A good form of working from home is working as a consultant. With this form you are not only indoors, but you can also go out. This is good for combining work at home with social contacts and work outside the home at your own times. Consultants often need some experience, but there are also providers of this home-based work method who first introduce you to the profession at the company’s expense.


A consultant is also called a consultant or external advisor. A consultant is an expert or professional in a specific field and has extensive knowledge. You can be hired as a consultant by a company. This usually concerns larger companies that need additional staff for some time or small companies that do not have a budget for a permanent staff member.

What does a consultant do?

The word consultant comes from the Latin word consultare and literally means to ask for advice. In fact, the word already largely explains what the work entails. A consultant is there to provide people with the necessary information, to share knowledge, to give advice and to help in a specific area. A consultant knows his stuff and knows how to explain down to the last detail how something works. You can be a consultant in a wide variety of areas. Some examples include IT, legal law, strategy, technology, innovation, marketing, medicine, communications and finance. Consultants are often used to sell products or services by informing people.

Customer focus

A good consultant, regardless of whether he or she is in the home-working industry or employed, must have a customer-friendly attitude. As a consultant you deal with many different people and you have to be able to adapt to everyone you deal with, whether by telephone, in person or by email. In some cases it is an art to always remain friendly and in other cases kindness requires no effort at all.


It is important in the role of consultant that you take the initiative yourself. People do not always come to you. In most cases you will have to approach or contact people yourself and that must go smoothly. You often have to investigate where the target group is located and approach it.

Independent work

Consultants work independently. There is no one who accompanies you, looks over your shoulder or reprimands you when you make a mistake. Of course, there is also no one to ask for advice if you can’t figure it out. This is the main reason that a consultant has maximum expertise, so that these situations occur as little as possible. You are completely responsible for your own work.

Flexible attitude

At certain times of the year a consultant can be very busy and work at different companies at a time. When you have completed an assignment at one company, you will immediately be hired again by the next company, where you will also need to know the company structure well. These periods can be very stressful. On the other hand, there are also periods when it is too quiet and you temporarily have no work. You also have to be able to cope with this. The consultant who works from home has little security.