Home workers wanted

Home workers wanted! How often do we see these advertisements? Unfortunately, most providers are not reliable and it is important to choose the right home work provider. How do you search for work-from-home vacancies, where do you find the best providers and how do you recognize unreliable employers?

Looking for work from home

The advertising sites are full of it: looking for work from home! On the other hand, it is full of homeworking providers who are asking for homeworkers. Looking for work from home can sometimes be very difficult, but working with a specific client via an advertising site also entails certain risks.

Wanted: Home work

Looking for work from home. When you search for this using a search engine you get so many results that it is impossible to manage. Actually, it is not very wise to become one of these thousands of people and place an advertisement under the heading ‘work from home wanted’. The fact is that most companies looking for serious remote workers aren’t going to go through all those advertisements to find the right person. They usually use a home office as a mediator. By placing an advertisement on the internet in which you are looking for work from home, you often only attract scammers who offer you hundreds of euros per day or per week for just a few hours of work. These promises are not true and in most cases you are asked to first make an investment for a book or a registration. You have lost this money.

Homework offered

The same actually applies to this section on the advertising sites. There are many scammers in this category. It actually makes sense that, when you are looking for work from home, you also look at the page where work from home is offered. Among the advertisements from home work providers you will also see a lot of advertisements promising you a lot of money for a minimal commitment. It is of course also very tempting and most people cannot resist reading the entire text and then clicking through to the provider’s site. They can all read responses from satisfied home workers who have been able to buy a second car or, for example, go on an extra holiday thanks to the provider. Before you know it, you completely believe in it, order that manual or pay the registration fee and you never hear anything about it again.


The best way to indicate that you are looking for work from home is to register with a home work center. This is also the place where serious providers look for good homeworkers. By using these power stations, both parties are assured of good cooperation. You know that at the end of the month, week or assignment you will receive your money neatly into the account and the provider knows that the assignments are completed properly. The only party that could be at risk here is the homeworking center itself, because it is responsible for the control of both the homeworker and the client.

Home work centers

Unfortunately, there are also scammers in the world of work-from-home centers. There are currently 55 reliable homeworking centers in the Netherlands. If you want to work with an exchange, it is advisable to check in advance whether this exchange is reliable and this does not mean that you read so-called reviews of home workers or providers on their own site. They may have put this on themselves to make a good impression. Take a look at the Meldpunt Thuiswerk website and see whether the center appears on this site, for example on the white or black list.