Administrative homework

Working from home comes in many forms and administrative work is a very popular form. Administrative home work can include writing letters, franking envelopes, office work or, for example, addressing envelopes. Some administrative work requires some knowledge, while others do not. Read more about administrative homeworking here.

The administrative sector

The administrative sector also offers a lot of work from home, but this work is not for everyone. For many administrative tasks, it is mandatory to have an excellent command of the Dutch language, to have beautiful handwriting or to have knowledge of the subject. In addition, you often need to be able to use the computer well and have a customer-friendly attitude.

Types of administrative work

Administrative home work can involve many different activities. For example, you may be expected to maintain customer contact, process orders or draw up business letters, but it may also mean that you spend all day putting letters in envelopes, writing envelopes or sticking stamps. Not all administrative work requires certain qualities.

Office work

Usually the administrative work is carried out in the office, but it is easy to outsource to a home worker. In some cases it is necessary for both parties to have a fax so that the processed papers can be forwarded and communication can take place. When you, as a home worker, process orders for a company, it is certainly very important to be able to communicate regularly with the company. In most cases, orders are closely related to inventory management.

Writing work

A common work from home job is writing envelopes by hand. In most cases, these assignments require you to copy the address of a letter, put the letter in the envelope and put a stamp on it, but it may also happen that you only have to complete one of these tasks. This happens when all recipients receive the same letter and there is no specific salutation in the letter. This also depends a bit on the size of the order. When it comes to a thousand letters, in most cases the company will choose to have everything done by the same home worker. When the order is many times larger than that, it is more common for three home workers to be hired. This is to prevent mistakes from being made.


It can be very tiring and annoying to stick stamps on an envelope all day. If you are lucky, they are self-adhesive stamps, but the so-called lick stamps are also still sold. This will definitely not make you happy. Fortunately, there are also many new ways to frank a letter. With a bit of luck, the company will not supply you with individual stamps, but a franking machine. All you have to do is insert the envelope correctly and remove it from the machine on the other side. Ideal, especially when you have a large assignment to do.

Pay slips

Large companies also outsource the preparation of pay slips to home workers. Of course, you need considerable expertise for this. The advantage of this work is that it pays more than sticking stamps or writing envelopes. For anyone who wants to do this work but does not know much about it, there is a short home study available.