Work from home as a packer

There is a lot of work in the work-from-home industry. You can opt for administrative work, inline work or packing work, for example. When you choose packing work, it is important to take a few things into account. You need enough space in your home, you have to take some clutter into account and it is important to know in advance what you will earn.

Packing work as homework

There is a lot of packing work in the home-working industry. This work is also called sorting work or production work. The work can vary greatly. For example, you may be supposed to put letters in envelopes, assemble pens, pack toys, create mailings or, for example, put together packages. The advantage of packing is that there is always packing work to be done. The disadvantage can be, especially with a large order, that the work quickly becomes monotonous and you quickly become demotivated.

Space for packing

Packing often takes up a lot of space in your home, so it is advisable to reserve some space for this. It is most convenient if you have an entire room to work in. The assignments are often delivered to your home and picked up again when completed. So you don’t have to leave the house yourself to pick up or deliver your work. In most cases you will receive everything in boxes at home. Precisely because it is not pleasant to have a living room full of boxes, it is advisable to reserve a room or free up a space in the shed or garage.

A lot of work

Packing often takes a long time, because it mainly concerns very large orders. It can therefore happen that you suddenly receive dozens of boxes of work delivered to your home and when they turn out to be full of small products, you probably feel discouraged. You must therefore have perseverance to be able to get a nice amount of money out of it. The client expects you to complete the assignment within a certain time and you must be able to meet that, even if it involves a considerable amount of work.

What can you earn?

For packing work, in most cases you are paid per piece or per assignment and rarely per hour. This obviously has everything to do with the speed at which someone works. If the client pays per piece or assignment, people will work much faster than if he pays per hour. The unit fee is determined depending on the order. You can assume that you will receive a maximum of five cents per piece for the simpler packing work. The earnings per assignment can amount to 450 euros.

Pay taxes

Working from home is also work and because you earn money from it, you cannot actually avoid the tax authorities. Most home office centers nowadays work white, unlike a few years ago. Working from home workers may earn a maximum of 450 euros tax-free. You have to pay income tax on every cent you earn more than that amount. This income limit is determined per person and not per household. If your partner, a parent or a child also works from home in the same house, you can earn 900 euros tax-free. The work must of course be registered in two names and not in a single name. You cannot prove that the other person has done more than half of your work or accepts their own assignments in your name.