A good salary for working from home

You can certainly earn a good monthly salary by working from home, but you shouldn’t expect mountains of gold. Most advertisements on the internet promise you hundreds of euros per day, but nothing could be further from the truth. For a good salary you have to work, work hard, even in the work-from-home industry. How much do you actually earn working from home?

Wrong promises

Wherever you look for work from home, you will come across unreal salary promises everywhere. You should certainly not assume that you will actually earn a few hundred euros a day working from home. But you can still make a lot of money if you put in the effort and find the discipline to persevere. Below you will find some guidelines regarding the salary you can expect for various types of homeworking.

Packing work

A lot of home work is production work. This usually involves making packages from individual products, packing products in a box or a bag, or wrapping toys as a gift. When working from home, it is usually the case that you are paid per piece, but you may also be paid per assignment. If you are paid per piece, the average compensation is between two and ten cents per piece. This obviously depends on the time you spend on it and, for example, the number of products that need to be put in the same packaging. In some cases you get paid per assignment. For example, you receive 100 rubber ducks that have to be wrapped into presents. For this hundred you get fifty euros. In this case, the fee per piece (which you can of course convert yourself) varies per assignment.

Writing and administrative work

In most cases, administrative work from home yields slightly more than packing work. This is mainly due to the fact that administrative work must be done more accurately and cannot be carried out properly by everyone. You can earn the most by processing orders, business letters and stock administration. You can count on an average salary of eight to twelve euros per hour. Other administrative work paid per piece. This includes, for example, writing envelopes by hand. Of course, you must have nice handwriting and have a good command of the Dutch language. You usually get between 1 and 5 cents per written envelope for this type of work.

Telephone sales

A well-known form of working from home is telephone sales. The idea is that you will sell products to people for a company by calling them and placing an order. Always remember that your telephone costs will still be deducted from your salary! You usually get paid per order received and that can be difficult. It may happen that you only manage to get an order after a hundred phone calls. The hundred conversations conducted are therefore at your own expense. Only calling 101 will yield something, namely a compensation between 3 and 5 euros on average. You have already lost at least twice that on the telephone calls you have made without results.


If you really want to make some nice money from working from home, you especially need discipline. It is very easy in your own home to say that you are quitting because you no longer feel like it. This is not so easy with an employer. But if you stop, the earnings stop too. So it is especially important that you have the discipline to continue working from, for example, nine to five to earn your money.