Savings tips for the minimum income

People who have to survive on very small amounts every month have to make an effort to make ends meet. By taking a number of saving tips into account, they can save a few tens of money every year. Families that have to survive on social assistance benefits, or families that have to live on income equal to the minimum wage, are having a hard time. The income is just enough to cover the fixed costs, but in the event of setbacks, debts can easily arise. Every month it is another struggle to bridge the period until money becomes available again. In order to remain financially healthy in the future, an amount should actually be saved.

Saving tips

With the savings tips below you can make small savings without sacrificing much.

Day out: bring your own food

If you are going out for a day, or are simply away from home for an extended period of time, you should take enough food and drinks with you to avoid having to buy them at high prices. This certainly applies if you are going away for a longer period of time with several people. If you have to buy food and drinks elsewhere, it will cost you much more. At tourist places you simply have to pay 2.25 for one drink

Day out: good preparation can save a lot of money

A day out to an amusement park is difficult for families who have to survive on minimum income. You can save a lot of money by searching the internet for promotions or discount options. You can often get discount coupons for certain products, which you can buy from someone on Marktplaats for a low amount. You can also use airline miles to buy free or discounted tickets.

Sell your old stuff

We often use extra spaces in the house to store things. In general, there are a lot of things that we will never use again, but which it would be a shame to throw away. You probably won’t use things that you haven’t used in years. You can sell items that still represent some value on Marktplaats. This way you get rid of the stuff, and you also get some money for it.

Don’t always go for A-brands

For many products it is not necessary to choose the expensive A-brands. Most house brands are of good quality and can save you tens of percent.

Don’t buy on impulse

Provide a shopping note for the supermarket, and stick to the note. This prevents you from buying things you don’t actually need. For expensive purchases, you should take your time making a decision. Also compare with other providers on the internet. For example, on you can compare many expensive products and choose the cheapest store.

Take a critical look at your monthly fixed costs

By going through your bank statements from the past year, you will soon come across expenses that are not strictly necessary. This applies, for example, to subscriptions to magazines and sports clubs. You can save tens of euros every month by canceling unnecessary fixed costs.

Comparing is saving

By always comparing with other providers you can try to get the lowest price. Energy suppliers offer exactly the same thing for very different amounts. This also applies to internet, television and telephony. By comparing savings interest rates once a quarter, you can ensure that you get a high return on your savings.