Legal advice centre: a lawyer is available for everyone

What exactly is the legal aid centre? Who works there? Is it reliable? Are the costs really largely reimbursed? These questions are extremely important for people who need a lawyer but cannot afford one. These people can go to the legal aid centre.

The National Legal Center

The National Legal Center will help you with a legal problem. It is the first aid for legal problems. You can go there with all your legal problems. The convenient thing about this legal shop is that you do not have to go to this shop. Consultation hours are also a thing of the past. You can easily send an email with your question about your own legal problem. Before you send an email, you can first search their sites to see if you can find an answer to your question yourself. If that is not the case, you can always send a specific question to a specialized lawyer. This is completely free. If necessary, you can also have an intake interview with a specialized lawyer who works at this legal center.

The second step

You may have sent an email to the legal advice center, after which you received the answer that the question is too difficult to answer in an email. Then you can hire a lawyer. The prices usually put people off and that’s why people lose a lawsuit. The legal aid center is then the solution. This store is mainly made for people who cannot afford a lawyer. You are often eligible for legal aid. You will also receive a subsidy for legal assistance, but you will always have to pay a small contribution. This can be made very small. You should not be deterred. The legal advice center can explain to you that legal assistance saves or yields money in most cases. If you have legal expenses insurance, you are not allowed to simply hire a lawyer. Your insurer may then refuse to pay the bill. The insurer will have a legal assistance lawyer work for you.

Keep an eye on your lawyer

Firstly, you should always discuss the hourly rate that you pay the lawyer. If lawyers notice that you have very little to spend, their hourly rates will drop quickly. Especially if the lawyer has to carry out standard cases, you should try to reduce the hourly rate. Then keep an eye on everything the lawyer does. You can see how many hours your lawyer has worked. If the results are very low during that time, you should report it. Lawyers are always obliged to find out for you whether you are eligible for legal aid. If a lawyer sends an invoice that you believe is incorrect, you can oblige the lawyer to have this checked by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board is usually very critical as more and more people are dissatisfied with the state of affairs of lawyers.

Legal advice center for entrepreneurs

The legal advice center for entrepreneurs largely works in the same way as the legal advice center for private individuals. Of course, the legal issues vary enormously. At a legal advice center for private individuals, the problem may concern divorcing your partner. At the legal center for entrepreneurs, it may concern the separation between the employer and the employee, or dismissals. Yet at first glance these problems seem very similar, but legally there are enormous differences between them. So before you engage a (private) lawyer, first go to the law center for information. This saves a lot of money and for people who do not want or have no money for an expensive lawyer, this is a very good and reliable solution.