Advertising strategies & objectives

There are different types of advertising, they have their own characteristics. In addition, there are also different types of advertising strategies for international brands, which also have their own characteristics. The following questions are then also discussed: ‘How do you make an advertising plan?’ and ‘What types of advertising objectives are there?’ This is all described in this article about advertising. There are 5 different types of advertising. These have their own function.

Types of advertising and function

  • Consumer advertising : fame, image, purchasing behavior
  • Retail advertising (consumer advertising component): attracting customers
  • Business-to-business advertising: emphasis on technology and function
  • Personnel advertising : recruiting employees
  • Collective advertising : aimed at the entire product category (bread and milk)

One brand uses the same strategy, concept and implementation in every country, such as Coca Cola, while other countries approach this very differently. Four different advertising strategies can be distinguished here.

Forms of advertising strategies for international brands

Global : The same strategy, concept and implementation in every country – E.g. Coca-Cola Adaptation : Same strategy and concept in every country, but different implementation – E.g. translation or other presenter such as Shell in every country Differentiation : Same strategy in every country, but different concept and implementation. E.g. McDonald and Volvo Local : Each country has a different strategy, concept and implementation. For example, often with Japanese brands, foodstuffs and banks, such as Nestlé. Why brands choose a specific strategy depends on five factors:

  • Target audience
  • Positioning
  • Nature of the product
  • Environment
  • Organization

To determine the right strategy, an advertising plan is used. This contains the following steps:

  1. Research
  2. Advertising target group
  3. Advertising objective
  4. Provisional budget
  5. Advertising strategy
    • campaign development
    • strategy choice
  6. Final budget
  7. Campaign implementation
  8. Advertising research = accountability

Step 3 of the advertising plan is choosing the advertising objective. Advertising objectives come in different forms and therefore have a different structure than communication objectives.

What types of advertising objectives are there?

  • Medium objectives : reach and contact frequency
  • Advertising process objectives : direct consumer responses
    • seek attention
    • creating acceptance & appreciation = likeability
    • information processing
  • Advertising – effect objectives
    • category need
    • brand awareness
    • brand knowledge
    • brand attitude
    • behavioral intention
    • behavioral facility
    • behaviour
    • satisfaction