Hardware store: Hornbach

Hornbach is a hardware store with a huge range and a large stock of items, so it is not easy to miss out. It is the only listed family business within the top ten of the DIY industry. More information about the Hornbach stores below.

Something about the history of Hornbach

As early as 1877, master roofer Michael Hornbach founded a roofing company in Landau (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) and in 1900 the company was expanded by son Wilhelm Hornbach to include a trade in building materials . This forms the basis for the current company, which currently has more than 110 branches in Europe, 9 of which are in the Netherlands. The intention is to expand this to about twenty branches. From 1945 onwards, in addition to the building materials trade, the production of domestic purification installations became an important pillar for further growth and the company moved to Bornheim near Landau. In 1968, the first combined hardware store and garden center opened here. Such a combination was unique in Europe at that time. Between 1972 and 1977, several Hornbach stores were established in Palatinate towns and in 1980 the first large-scale hardware store opened in Karlsruhe with almost 7,000 m2 of sales area. Between 1981 and 1989, Hornbach established 16 branches throughout southern Germany, with a range of 50,000 items. It was also decided in 1987 to go public. The number of employees has then increased to 1000. In 1993, Hornbach Baumarkt AG was listed again on the stock exchange. The first foreign branch opened in Austria in 1996. At that time there were also branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Switzerland and in the autumn of 2003 expansion to Sweden and Slovakia followed (2004). 2002 is the year in which the 125th anniversary is celebrated and Hornbach opens in Littau near Lucerne, the first construction and garden market in Switzerland and the 100th construction market in December, in Prague-Repy.

The philosophy behind Hornbach

Hornbach’s philosophy puts the customer at the center and the main goal is that a customer who has once visited Hornbach will continue to do so. We try to achieve this by providing a wide range, a good price and expert advice. As a project construction market, the aim is that customers can buy everything they need for their project from Hornbach, even if large quantities are involved. The same fixed low prices apply to everyone all year round, without temporary offers or discounts for regular customers. Furthermore, we try to achieve long-term customer loyalty by providing expert advice. The fact that this is highly appreciated by the public is evident from the successful sales figures.

Where are the branches located?

Branches can be found in:

  • Alblasserdam
  • Geleen
  • Groningen
  • Kerkrade
  • Nieuwerkerk ad Ijssel
  • Nieuwegein
  • Tilburg
  • Breda
  • Wateringen
  • Zaandam

The Hornbach newsletter

If you want to stay informed of the Hornbach news, you can subscribe to the newsletter and you will be informed by e-mail when the new brochure is online, or if there is news in the field of service or range. You will also receive information about demonstrations, events or shopping Sundays at your own HORNBACH branch. You only need to register once for this newsletter and provide your email address, salutation, first name, last name and your location. You may enter additional information, but it is not mandatory. HORNBACH treats your personal data confidentially and only uses it for internal use. This service is also very useful for people who have a “no” sticker on their mailbox. So you can simply stay up to date with the news “digitally”, without burdening the environment with the paper waste of door-to-door leaflets.

What can you expect in the range?

Hornbach has more than 55,000 different items in stock as standard and more than 60,000 items can be ordered. The range mainly consists of:

  • hardware/electrical
  • tools
  • wallpaper/decoration
  • carpeting/paint
  • building materials/wood
  • building elements
  • tiles/sanitary
  • kitchens
  • garden and animal

For an overview per department or part of the range, you can find this in the current advertising brochure, which you can view online on the site. But of course you can always visit one of the branches in your area to convince yourself of the wonderfully extensive range that Hornbach has to offer.

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