Insurance: insurance when purchasing your house

The Netherlands is a country where you have many different insurance policies and you can take them out almost anywhere. When do you really need insurance and which insurance policies can you do without? In the second article of this series, the insurance policies that are often taken out when purchasing a house, such as life insurance, disability insurance, building insurance and contents insurance.

Life insurance

Life insurance is also often taken out when purchasing a house. Sometimes to be able to pay off your mortgage with the value of the policy. Sometimes to ensure that the partner can continue to live in the home if the insured person dies. It is also often the case that taking out this insurance is mandatory from the mortgage provider.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance, also known as housing costs protector, is certainly not superfluous. This pays out if you become incapacitated for work . If you become disabled, this often means a huge loss of income and this insurance can supplement that monthly, so that you can at least continue to pay the mortgage.

Building insurance

This insurance is often taken out when purchasing a house. In fact, many mortgage providers require this insurance to be taken out. This insurance is intended for the home itself, often excluding the foundations. The rebuilding value is taken as the basis for the insured amount. This insurance pays out in the event of fire, explosion and damage due to burglary (not stolen items, which are covered by home contents insurance).

Contents insurance

This insurance is intended for all items in your home. That is why this insurance is also recommended for people who rent a home . Check every year whether the amount of your insurance still matches the value of the items in your home.

Fire insurance

This insurance consists of buildings insurance and contents insurance. If you take out fire insurance, the other two are in principle unnecessary. The fire insurance applies to your house and the belongings in it. The insurance will pay out in the event of fire , but usually also in the event of burglary , vandalism and storm .


It is worthwhile to compare the various insurance policies in terms of premium and conditions.

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