Is travel insurance necessary?

When holidaying in your own country, it is not always necessary to take out travel insurance. You can save money by not taking out unnecessary coverage. There is often confusion between cancellation insurance and travel insurance. With cancellation insurance you are entitled, under certain conditions, to cancel the trip free of charge or to terminate it prematurely. In that case, the costs still have to be paid, but they are borne by the insurer. The travel insurance covers the costs incurred by unforeseen events during your holiday. Travel insurance providers offer different coverage at different prices. It may be worthwhile to compare insurance policies.

Is travel insurance necessary?

If you do not take out travel insurance, you may incur high costs that you do not consider in advance. Travel insurance coverage goes beyond just luggage. For example, due to illness or an accident, you may be forced to incur additional costs in the form of additional accommodation costs or a special type of transport back home. If you have to return early, it is often necessary to incur additional costs by booking another return trip. You may also be confronted with high medical costs abroad. However, health insurers offer coverage for this in their health insurance.

Medical costs and travel insurance

With travel insurance you can also take out cover to supplement the health insurance you have in the Netherlands. The basic insurance (health insurance) is also valid abroad against medical costs. The insurance has worldwide coverage, based on the rates and conditions applicable in the Netherlands. You cannot therefore simply assume that the basic insurance is sufficient for a holiday abroad. If you also have additional insurance in addition to the basic insurance, you may have additional foreign coverage, which means that medical costs do not have to be insured in the travel insurance. You must ensure that all family members have additional coverage. Please inquire with your health insurer in advance.

Include accidents in your travel insurance

You can optionally take out accident insurance. In the event of death or permanent disability during the holiday, the insured or surviving relatives will receive a certain amount. This coverage is not strictly necessary for additional insurance. If you already have accident insurance, a further supplement is often pointless.

Need for cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance is often a wise decision to insure, especially if you book a longer time before the departure date. Death or serious illness of one of the traveling companions, yourself or family members is a reason to cancel the holiday. By taking out insurance for this, you will receive your travel money back in the event of cancellation.

Holiday within the Netherlands

When going on holiday in your own country, you should look critically at the added value of travel insurance. You will not benefit from many coverages within the policy anyway. However, most insurers offer you the option to take out a stripped-down travel insurance policy, without, for example, covering medical costs.

Permanent travel insurance or temporary travel insurance?

If you go on holiday for a week once a year, you do not need to take out continuous travel insurance. If you plan to travel several times a year, it may be useful to take out continuous travel insurance. When taking out travel insurance, you can ask the insurer to make a comparison between these two variants.