Own boss as a pedicurist

We see them more and more often, pedicurists who work from their own home. This form of working from home is becoming more popular and that is not surprising. How many people suffer from bunions, painful feet or troublesome toenails? There are many people who could use some extra attention for their feet and why not in an attractive home and on a personal basis? You are your own boss as a pedicurist in your own home.

Work from home as a pedicure

It is very easy to work from home as a pedicurist and earn some extra money this way. For example, you can work as a freelance pedicure, but also as a self-employed person. You don’t need much and it doesn’t have to be expensive to get started.

What does a pedicure do?

A pedicure deals with people’s feet. This includes various activities, such as removing excess calluses, treating cracks, removing different types of corns, caring for the nails and the nail area, treating ingrown nails and fungal nails and giving foot massages. Pedicures must also be able to properly inform and advise customers about various matters, such as abnormalities of feet, shoes, the use of aids in and on the foot and, for example, provide a referral to a general practitioner, a podiatrist or a specialist.

What do you need?

Before you can start, you obviously need knowledge of feet. Various home studies and courses can be followed for this purpose. In most cases, the studies and courses offered here last a maximum of one year. In addition, you obviously need the right resources and equipment. This is an investment, but it does not have to cost thousands of euros. It is advisable to reserve a separate room in your home for your work and place a professional chair there. However, this is not mandatory.

Freelance pedicure

If you have a small studio at home, you can actually get started right away. As a freelancer you will have to advertise in newspapers or, for example, on advertising sites to get your customers. You will have to take care of the invoices yourself and keep track of all administration. As a freelancer, you are obliged to declare all your income to the tax authorities at the end of the year.

Independent pedicure

This actually amounts to the same thing as working as a freelance pedicure. There are only a few differences. For example, you must register as a self-employed person with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Authorities, you must file a tax return every quarter and have annual accounts drawn up and you use a company name.