Can you make money quickly working from home?

When you enter the word ‘homework’ into a search engine, you get hundreds of results. Many providers promise hundreds of euros per day or thousands of euros per month. But is it really possible to earn such large amounts of money working from home? Or is it all a scam and a money grab?

Earn money quickly by working from home

It is promised to you in many advertisements from home work providers, but can you really earn a lot of money very quickly by working from home? The advertisements can promise you hundreds of euros per day or per week, but unfortunately these are all lies. Once you have registered with this provider, you will get little or nothing in return. You won’t earn a lot of money working from home, but it is certainly possible to make some nice money from it.

How much can you earn working from home?

It is of course very difficult to say exactly how much income you can get from working from home. This depends entirely on your client, the compensation they can offer you, the type of work you perform and the number of hours you can spend on it. For example, you can earn much more if you work from home as a self-employed person, consultant or in administration, than if you work at home in production by, for example, packing, assembling or dismantling things.

Do you earn per hour or per assignment?

This also depends entirely on your client. You may be paid hourly for administrative work. This may also be the case for writing texts, but the client determines how each job will be reimbursed. Particularly in production work, people often opt to pay per piece. Per hour would be much less advantageous for the client, as one home worker works much faster than the other. In addition, home workers generally work much faster if they are paid per assignment or per piece.

Additional bonuses

Sometimes you can earn an extra bonus from clients. For example, they give you a fixed fee per piece, but a higher amount for the entire assignment if you complete it within a certain time. This not only provides extra motivation for the home workers to continue working, but also for the client that the orders are completed faster and the work can continue. It’s always nice to know that working quickly is appreciated and if you manage to get the bonus every time, you will most likely get more and more assignments.

What’s the fastest way to make money?

There is actually only one easy answer to this. By working quickly. Of course you will earn more money faster with higher paying assignments than with lower paid assignments, but unfortunately it is impossible to earn several hundred euros per day, as is often claimed in the advertisements. The faster you work, the more you earn and the faster you can take on a new assignment. How much you exactly earn by working from home therefore largely depends on your own efforts.