Have an incorrect direct debit reversed

A direct debit and authorization can have advantages when paying the monthly rent or membership of an association. Your bills are paid automatically and on time. But what if incorrect amounts are automatically debited during the direct debit or if you have not given any authorization at all? An incorrect direct debit. What types of direct debits are there? What to do in the event of an incorrect transfer of money? You can often reverse and reverse a direct debit quite easily. After all, you legally have 56 days to have a direct debit refunded. That’s called reversing. So do it, otherwise you could wait a long time for your money. Pay attention to the types of authorization and types of direct debit.

A collection can be agreed verbally and in writing

You can give permission for a direct debit or authorize it in two ways. This can be done in writing or by telephone. For a written authorization, you must sign an authorization card. An oral authorization must then be confirmed in writing by the company.

The direct debit has four variants

There are four types of direct debits, each with their specific properties and rules. Please remember that an authorization remains valid until you cancel it in writing. Issuing an authorization is much simpler than withdrawing it. This can be done by telephone or in writing. The four variants of a direct debit and authorization are:

  • The standing order generally as direct debit;
  • The one-time authorization;
  • The standing authorization for games of chance;
  • The one-time authorization for an action.

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General standing authorization and reversal

This is a commonly used form of authorization when collecting subscriptions, rent, contributions or payments to the energy company. Just say the periodic payments. If you do not agree with the amount of the direct debit, you have no less than 56 days to have the money refunded via the bank. In jargon this is called reversal. This is the 13-month rule. So make use of this right of cancellation.

One-time authorization

The one-off direct debit is applied for one-off or irregular payments. This is often done in combination with an order form attached to a shipped product, but it can also be done by telephone. If an incorrect amount is debited, it matters whether you issued the authorization in writing or by telephone. With a written authorization, there is no easy way to have the money refunded. For a telephone authorization, a period of 30 calendar days applies. An exception to this is a one-off direct debit for lotteries, because the reversal period for a direct debit is zero.

Continuous authorization for games of chance

This authorization is used to collect the deposit for a game of chance or lottery. With a written authorization there is no possibility of a refund. For a telephone authorization there is a period of 5 working days.

One-time authorization for an action

Finally, the direct debit, if you want to donate something to a good cause, for example during a TV campaign. In that case, the refund period is 56 calendar days, regardless of whether the authorization has been issued in writing or orally.

Cancellation of direct debit in writing

Organizations often design their own authorization forms with their own logo or in the form of an order form. You can also request different authorization cards from your bank or giro, all of which have a different color:

  • The green card to issue an authorization.
  • The yellow card to instruct your bank/giro to refund the amount in question.
  • The red card to withdraw your authorization. Please note: always check with the bank whether the direct debit has actually been withdrawn.

Have an incorrect direct debit reversed, have an incorrect booking of money reversed at the bank

If a direct debit is unjustified and you are no longer within the refund period of 56 days, you can simply object. Go to your bank/giro and start a procedure together. You can often still get your money back. In the meantime, check with the bank whether the direct debit has already been withdrawn.

Conclusion on direct debit and reversal in the event of incorrect direct debit or transfer

Keep a close eye on direct debit payments. Depending on the type of collection, you can often take corrective action and get your money back.

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