Save on fixed costs

Just like daily expenses, everyone has recurring expenses. These are fixed costs: costs that keep recurring and that you can hardly influence. However, it is also possible to save on fixed costs.

No detour

When we hear the word fixed costs, we quickly think of rent or energy costs. But there are many more fixed costs. Just think about the fuel costs of your car, insurance, your internet subscription, and so on. The annoying thing about fixed costs is that we cannot avoid them. We often have no idea what we spend each month anyway, and that it often concerns a large part of our income. That is why saving on fixed costs is quite difficult, but it can also yield a lot.

Measuring is knowing

Just as with daily expenses, it is useful to list what you spend on fixed costs, and of course on what. Once you have insight into your expenses, you can save much more easily.

Energy costs

We unconsciously use much more electricity than necessary. Start by turning off TVs and computers that would normally be on standby. If you no longer use a device, also remove the plug from the socket. The optimal room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to turn up the heating.

Fuel costs

If you drive a lot of kilometers, see whether it is financially feasible to purchase a green car. Because the government encourages economical cars, you often do not have to pay road tax. Of course it also costs much less fuel. Take your bike more often for shorter distances. A car uses much more fuel for short distances due to a lot of acceleration and braking. In addition, a cold engine wears out faster than a warm one.


In the Netherlands it is only mandatory to have health insurance. It is therefore not necessary to have liability insurance or home contents insurance. The chance of a burglary or fire breaking out is very small, but it does save tens of euros per month. Of course, you are completely free to decide for yourself whether or not you take out liability and/or home contents insurance. Car insurance, on the other hand, is mandatory in all countries of the European Union, including the Netherlands.


An internet subscription can be unnecessarily expensive, but you decide how much you want to spend on it. Search the internet for alternatives: subscriptions with a lower speed are often much cheaper. If you do not download much, it is advisable to take out a subscription with a lower speed. All-in-one packages are cheaper than purchasing a separate subscription for telephone, television and internet. Magazine subscriptions are actually not necessary. There is some advantage over having to buy a magazine in the store every time (cheaper, no longer having to go to the store), but if you notice that you sometimes read the magazine too late or not at all, say so. subscription to.