Save on daily expenses

Everyone has daily expenses, but the vast majority are not aware of the costs. You do them every day and you decide how much you spend on them. But we often buy way too much expensive and unnecessary stuff. For novice savers, daily expenses are the ultimate starting point: they are made daily and are therefore easily recognizable and easy to manipulate. How does it work in practice? There is a negative side to daily expenses: you spend money quickly without thinking about it, because “they are only small expenses”. The positive, on the other hand, is that costs can also be contained quickly and easily.


The best-known daily expenses are groceries. Necessary, but to a certain extent. You can’t resist leaving those tasty chips on the shelf, or coming home with only expensive A-brands.

Grocery list

Use a shopping list that only contains necessary products. If you don’t deviate from the shopping list once in the supermarket, it will make a big difference!

House brand

Prefer B-brands or private labels, instead of A-brands. The price varies enormously, but the quality usually does not. A-brands are often at eye level, B-brands and private labels are often at the bottom or top.


Don’t be tempted by offers. An offer can be advantageous, but if you buy too many products on offer, it will cost you much more. Moreover, there are new offers every week.


A useful tool is the calculator. To get an idea of what the receipt will look like, you can add up all the amounts in advance: this way you won’t be faced with any surprises!

New stuff

Another expense is buying new stuff. Instead of always buying new things, you can also just go to the second-hand market. They perform just as well, but are much cheaper. Any old stuff in the house? Then sell these on Marktplaats, for example.


A cash book can help you better map out your expenses. Write down all expenses in the cash book and withdraw a fixed amount per month. This encourages you to spend the money on useful things, and not just spend it. If you have money left over at the end of the month, that’s a bonus.