Insurance: liability, legal assistance and funeral

What can’t you insure yourself for? The Netherlands is a country where you have many different insurance policies and you can take them out almost anywhere. When do you really need insurance and which insurance policies can you do without? In the third article of this series I discuss the most common remaining insurance policies: liability, legal assistance, travel, cancellation, funeral and glass insurance.

Liability insurance

This is an insurance that you could say that everyone should be insured for. This insurance reimburses the damage you unintentionally cause .

Legal insurance

Legal expenses insurance provides legal assistance if legal proceedings are necessary to recover your damages/to be vindicated. You can often take out legal expenses insurance for different areas, for example for your car.

Travel insurance

As you have already read in the article about health insurance, you can already be insured for medical costs abroad through your health insurance . Travel insurance often also covers these costs, which can mean that you pay twice. But there is more of an overlap here, because travel insurance also reimburses the loss and theft of your belongings. If you go on holiday for more than three weeks a year, continuous travel insurance is often cheaper.

Cancellation insurance

This insurance is recommended when you book a trip, as something can always happen. In the event that you can no longer go on holiday, the costs will be reimbursed. Please note: it is often cheaper to take out continuous cancellation insurance, even if you go on holiday for 2 weeks a year . You can often calculate your premium on the insurance company’s website and see what is most advantageous for you.

Funeral insurance

This insurance is unnecessary if surviving relatives can pay the costs of the funeral . Moreover, it is often cheaper to take out term life insurance (which is a form of life insurance) than funeral insurance.

Other insurance

Animal health insurance

This insurance is often recommended if you have a dog or cat . After all, vet costs can add up considerably.

Glass insurance

This is often already included in the contents or building insurance . This is also often an aspect that is double insured, as you will not receive reimbursement twice.

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