Selling gold

More and more people are selling their gold. One of the reasons for this is the high gold price. Due to the credit crisis, more and more people have started investing in gold because it is seen as a safe investment. The demand for gold has therefore increased significantly. For example, it is possible to sell gold jewelry. These are then melted down again. The value of the gold partly depends on how pure the gold is. The gold price is doing very well. New records are broken regularly and it seems as if the end is not yet in sight. This is because gold is seen as a safe investment. Many investors have lost a lot of money due to the credit crisis. But funds that were previously reliable suddenly turned out to be a lot less reliable. As a result, they started looking for investments that would not simply lose their value. The advantage of gold is that it never decays. It has also been one of the raw materials for thousands of years that is always in great demand. As a result, it has also proven to always have a certain value. There will also not suddenly be a lot more gold on the market. That happens gradually. This means that the value will not suddenly drop very quickly due to too much supply.

Investing in gold

Because of this whole thing, investors are buying gold en masse and the gold price has risen incredibly fast in the past few years. In addition, commodity funds that do very well on the stock market also attract investors who push the selection further. Because the gold price is doing so well, many people are selling their gold. Many people still have gold jewelry that they never wear anymore and therefore take to the buyer. They hope to get a good amount for this. Another reason that people are selling their gold is the credit crisis. Some therefore need some extra capital.

Value of the gold

The value of gold depends on how pure the gold is. Most gold is mixed with other metals, such as silver, palladium, nickel, tin or copper. Sometimes it is naturally mixed with it, sometimes it is added to make the gold harder. Pure gold is very soft and it can therefore be difficult to make a sturdy piece of jewelry. The purer the gold is, the more you get for it. The purity of the gold indicated is karats. If the gold is 24 carats, then it is one hundred percent pure gold, with 18 carats it is 75 percent pure gold and with 12 carats it is fifty percent pure gold. People can sometimes be mistaken about that. Then they have a large piece of jewelry and think it will yield a lot. Because the gold content is sometimes low, the yield can be disappointing.

Buyer of the gold

You will never be paid according to the exact gold price. There is always a percentage that goes to the buyer. This percentage can sometimes be quite large. It is therefore advisable to visit different sellers. There is also a special quality mark for recognized gold buyers. Once the gold has been purchased, it is melted back into gold bars.