Sjaak and Freek-Willem commercials stop Gamma

Hardware store Gamma had the Sjaak and Freek-Willem types in their advertisements for years. With the sentence “That’s what I say. Gamma!” they performed the best stunts. The neat Freek-Willem who actually didn’t want to know that he was going to the Gamma and the blunt Sjaak who was a handyman par excellence. In 2010, the duo Sjaak and Freek-Willem said goodbye to the Gamma, with a real farewell film. But there will be new Gamme commercials.

Ten years of Sjaak and Freek-Willem for the Gamma

Sjaak and Freek-Willem have dominated the commercial breaks for ten years. The positioning of the folksy Sjaak and the somewhat elevated Freek-Willem (their names were also chosen for a reason) indicated that the Gamma really is for everyone. From high to low and from the narrow stock exchange to the more richly filled stock exchange.

Surprising advertisements from Gamma

The concept of the two gentlemen’s advertising has never changed in all these years. However, a different twist was always given to their relationship. Humor also played a major role in the commercials.

Gamma stops with Sjaak and Freerk-Willem

Gamma stops advertising Sjaak and Freerk-Willem because it wants to take a different course. The construction market wants to change its positioning somewhat. IN the past, the Gamma was mainly a no-nonsense construction market, but in 2010 the construction market also wants to branch out into a somewhat higher segment. The focus is on families who do decorative DIY.

Sjaak and Freerk-Willem have enormously increased the brand awareness of the Gamma

The brand awareness of Sjaak and Freerk-Willem has enormously increased the brand awareness of the Gamma. However, research has shown that it was mainly men who really liked the commercials. The commercials also did not reveal much about how Gamma works, what it offers and what its focus is.

New advertising campaign Gamma

Gamma’s new advertising communications will become more substantive. The duo disappears completely from view. The viewer or customer could also determine which last shot we get of Freek-Willem and Sjaak. They could choose from a number of videos and thus determine the ending of the duo. Those who voted had a chance to win a t-shirt of the unforgettable couple.

Farewell video of Sjaak and Freek-Willem

In Sjaak and Freek-Willem’s farewell video, Freek-Willem moves to a different environment. The duo is clearly having a hard time with it, but they are dealing with it in their own way. A screwdriver appears to play an important role in the whole thing.