Payday loans at Ferratum mean money in your hands immediately

Ferratum is borrowing money quickly. The flash loan will be credited to your bank account within 10 minutes, sometimes even with a negative BKR. A few hundred euros, 100, 200, 300 or up to 1,500 euros. Even if a loan has been refused elsewhere. If you need money urgently, contact Ferratum for this flash loan via their website. After confirmation you will receive money immediately. Also at Balance Dip.

Fast money with a payday loan from Ferratum

You can get your hands on money immediately from the right provider. Ferratum, part of the DBV Investment company, offers a customized flash loan or flash loan immediately and in no time. This loan is called that because it can indeed all be arranged quickly. A flash loan is a small loan and this mini loan starts from an amount of 100 euros. More is also possible, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros. You can borrow from Ferratum again if a previous loan from them has now been paid off.

Payday loan of 100, 200 or 300 euros

This flash loan is really intended for those who want extra money immediately at a certain time and do not have time to wait for a long time. Borrowing money quickly must therefore be done quickly. At Ferratum, the money is usually in your bank account within 10 to 20 minutes. A characteristic of the flash loan is that the term of this loan is short, many opt for a period of 30 days. The advantage is that you can get rid of it quickly.

Costs of a flash loan

No handling costs are charged for a flash loan. This will change if you do not pay back on time, the costs may increase further due to collection procedures. So always avoid that. A flash loan will help you out quickly (you will have the money in your account quickly), but if you already know when applying that you will not be able to pay back on time, it is better to look at other options for money. In other words: Handling costs for a payday loan at Ferratum: none, but pay back on time. The most important condition is that you are authorized to take out a new loan and that you will repay the loan properly. You can see the exact conditions again on the website. If you agree, everything will be arranged in no time. Do not choose a term that is too short if you cannot pay back on time. This way of borrowing is useful if you are short of money. It is of no use to you if the lender says no next time because you were late in repaying a previous loan.

What is needed to get the payday loan

You go through a number of steps in which you provide your data:

  • The loan amount;
  • Loan term;
  • The initials of first names;
  • The initials;
  • Your surname;
  • Your date of birth;
  • The account number for the money;
  • Your street and house number;
  • Your zip code and place of residence;
  • The number of your driver’s license or identity card for identification.

Can I text?

Borrowing money quickly is no longer possible by text message, but via a form on the website. Enter the requested information. If the loan has been applied for successfully, Ferratum will quickly deposit the money into the account.

Conclusion flash loan with Ferratum is money in your hands immediately

Yes, at Ferratum or sister company Saldodipje you can quickly borrow money via this company’s site. Please realize that a flash loan is only a temporary solution, as repayment must be made within the agreed period. If you want to borrow more money or can agree to a lower loan term than 62 days, you can of course also go to another lender for a personal loan.

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