Investing in jewelry and jewelry

Investing in jewelry and jewelry can be an interesting investment. High-quality jewelry in particular, made by well-known jewelry houses, has a very stable value. Under the influence of fashion, certain jewelry can yield enormous returns. But what is the best way to invest in jewelry? The most important aspects of investing in jewelry with the greatest chance of a good investment result are:

  • invest in luxury jewelry made of silver, gold or platinum and/or with expensive gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies.
  • Go for quality and not quantity
  • Investing in jewelry from a well-known jewelry house and/or from popular periods

Investments in luxury jewelry

If you choose jewelry in gold or platinum, your jewelry always represents a certain value, based on the weight of precious metal. Because gold and platinum are only available in limited quantities on earth, investments in gold or platinum jewelry will almost never yield very poor returns. The same actually applies to expensive gemstones. Many people know that diamonds are very valuable. In addition, investments in jewelry with green emerald, red ruby, silver-white pearls or bright blue sapphire are a good, stable choice.

Choose high-quality jewelry

Investment experts, auction houses and jewelry connoisseurs recommend that you always go for quality when investing in jewelry. Be guided by the less is more principle. Investing in a relatively small diamond of the very best quality gives you a much better chance of a good return than a large emerald that is damaged. The way the jewel is cut largely determines the quality of your investment.

Investing in popular jewelry

Even more than the price of gold or platinum, the fashion of the moment determines the value of a piece of jewelry. In recent decades there have been clear trends in which types of jewelry are in and which are not. Due to changes in trends and fashion, jewelry can increase or decrease enormously in value in just a few years. Unfortunately, fashion cannot be predicted, but there are factors that can positively influence your investment in jewelry:

  • Choose jewelry from well-known jewelry houses such as Cartier, Boucheron or Van Kleef & Arpels.
  • Make sure you receive certificates of authenticity for jewelry or loose gemstones
  • If you choose to invest in old jewelry, focus on signed jewelry from popular periods such as Art Deco

As with other investments, you should also take positive and negative returns into account with jewelry. A good final piece of advice: choose jewelry that you like and wear it. Jewelry is made to be worn, not just invested.