Instant money via flash loan

Ferratum processes loan applications quickly. This fast service immediately helps you borrow money for smaller amounts. This often concerns a mini loan of 100 euros to 1,500 euros. This form of borrowing is called a mini loan. And because you get money urgently, they also call it a flash loan, flash credit or quick credit. Very useful if you need money quickly and urgently. Avoid extra costs and pay back on time.

What is a mini loan or flash loan

A mini loan or flash loan is a loan of a relatively small amount for a very short period. This ranges from a few days to a maximum of several months. Young people in particular like to use this, because it can solve a short-term problem. You will have the requested loan in your account in a very short time. You can take out a mini loan with a simple text message. How will be explained further below.

Ferratum means quick money in your hands

Extraatje is known for its fast flash loan. Anyone who is short of money can go here immediately to borrow some money. And that won’t take weeks with all kinds of complicated procedures. No, you can have the money in your account within 10 minutes. You will probably not be able to do this if you turn to someone else for a personal loan and have to go through an entire procedure with assessment at the BKR. That is why the flash loan quickly meets your need to get money in a flash. It can hardly get faster than this. Money much faster than can be done in one day.

Take out a personal loan

After all, anyone who wants to take out a personal loan will notice that it is not that easy. You have to answer all kinds of questions and come up with your salary information. Moreover, a negative BKR registration can be a problem, even though there are companies that will also offer a loan with a negative BKR. At a higher interest rate, but it is still possible. What the personal loan and revolving credit have in common is that they often involve larger amounts. But what if you need money immediately and only want to borrow small amounts such as 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 euros. Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Money in your account within 10 minutes, if you provide your details correctly and you agree.

Small flash loan from Ferratum and balance dip

A small flash loan is a bit of a hassle because it always involves a relatively small amount. At Ferratum you can buy a maximum of 1. Borrow 500 euros. There are no additional handling costs. The term can be short (30 days for example) or longer (62 days for example). By then everything must have been repaid at the latest. Please note that the days are not working days, but the days in a month. Of course you pay interest.

Borrow by text message

Characteristic of a flash loan is that the loan can be taken out with a few simple clicks. You must initially indicate how much you would like to borrow quickly, who you are, where you live, your account number and so on. This must be done in a specific order. Borrowing online makes it all easy when you’re on the road. You will be sent the conditions. If you agree to the conditions by typing Yes, your application will be assessed. Once the term of the loan has been chosen, it cannot be changed, that would be too difficult.

Slot flash loan Extra

The flash loan is a transparent way of borrowing: you know in advance how much you can borrow and how much you have to pay back. Moreover, because it is so quick and is a mini loan, the flash loan appears to meet a great need, especially among young people. Always make sure that you can pay back on time. Do not take a term of 30 days if you know in advance that you will only be able to pay it back in 62 days.