Basic help with applying for a job

People are starting to believe in the economy again and that immediately means that more vacancies are coming onto the market. Vacancies that the large group of unemployed or job hoppers all apply for and what makes you unique?

The beginning

Everything depends on a good start when you enter the new job market. You can make a good start by responding consciously to a job. By consciously I also mean responding to a job that suits you, in which you think you will feel comfortable and in which you approximately meet the set requirements (100% compliance is often a utopia, but the broad outlines must be correct). When you are ready to take that step and have found one or more positions that you want to respond to, remember that some positions receive dozens or sometimes even hundreds of letters (physical paper or via e-mail). This immediately means that you can also receive a rejection, even though people have not actually looked at your letter properly. This is sometimes the case with an abundance of applicants, however unjustified. In addition, the candidates are examined and compared in terms of criteria. With so many candidates, there are always people who have a little more experience or that extra course that you do not have. Which does not mean that you could no longer be suitable for a position, but it is just paper we are talking about and the first selection really takes place that way. The better HRM professional will also look at other things, besides the list of education and experience. But this does not alter the fact that there are plenty of bad HRM people around who once learned something at school and still put it into practice in the same way every day.

What makes the first impression different?

This also means that you have to make the first impression differently than the average candidate will do. A different color of paper, perfumed or a design in your email generally does not give the right impression. But a different approach in your text can do something. Don’t make it a huge wall of text, but introduce yourself briefly and explain in original words why this position is ideal for you (so make sure you know the company well) and why they need you for this position. Trigger the reader, so that he or she at least continues reading and may be so interested that he/she at least wants to see you. Of course, all options are allowed, because if you go for a job where creativity is an essential part, it will have to be different than if you go for an accounting job. But if you have worked or studied in this field, you know all about this. It is important that you write short, concise sentences and state in concise terms who you are and why you have this position. One person writes the letter, but it is no longer the case that you are not allowed to type a letter. Consider, for example, the enormous range of possibilities via the internet. Nine out of ten letters have now been created via computer, but it is most important to add that personal touch.

The sequel

If you are ready for an interview, read the website in advance. Interest in the company is good, but it is in any case important if you want to work somewhere. A good HR person can see through a mandatory application. Then make sure you have in mind what you want to know from them. What makes you feel at home in an organization and what the company does / is for that. During a first conversation, it is also important that you feel comfortable in your clothes and that you can tell your story at ease. Your conversation partner will get more out of it if you feel at ease and you will make the match faster for yourself as to whether this could be your new employer. Dress appropriately, but not something that is very outside of yourself. If you are expected to wear a three-piece suit and you have never worn it in your life, the question is whether you will feel comfortable in it. And this also determines whether you would feel comfortable in your new position. These are all important considerations. But the first is well-fitting, clean clothing and good hygiene are basic elements that should not be missing in a conversation. If you have had an accident with your clothes along the way, please excuse yourself upon entry. It immediately removes a possible distraction from the air. It is also important to know how the company is structured, is it very hierarchical or is it a flat organization. Is it a typical men’s company and do you feel good about it as one of the few women? Is it well organized or is it a young company that is still developing strongly? These are all things that make an organization and in which you can function well or not.

And then…

Be realistic and if a conversation does not give you the feeling that you will feel comfortable here, there is a good chance that the other side will also feel this way and you will not be comfortable with it. But this would not have become the job that you feel happy in and see it as an experience that you have gained again. Something sticks around everywhere and that’s good, because eventually you will find a job that suits you completely.