Course: the range of Excel courses available

Excel is a program that is widely used. The program has many options for someone who wants to do “something” with numbers. But that also makes it a complicated program. Numerous courses are offered for anyone who wants to become more familiar with Excel. The range varies from online courses to courses that require multiple training days. Excel is a popular program for processing data. It is a multifunctional program with extensive options. Almost everyone in the Netherlands who has to do something with numbers will have to deal with the program. The program can be used for relatively simple things, such as maintaining an address list, to very complicated things, such as the extensive accounting of a company. It is possible to link sheets with different data. Graphs of this data can then also be shown, for example. The program was developed by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft’s Office package.

Excel course

Anyone who wants to arrange relatively simple matters can find their way in Excel themselves. This is not enough for the person who wants to go a little further and, for example, wants to write their own program. Usually you can’t make it with the help function. It is useful to fall back on this if necessary, but it is usually not sufficient as a basis for getting started with Excel in detail. That is why numerous courses are offered. This article provides an overview of the main types of courses.

Do-it-yourself courses

Many courses are the do-it-yourself courses. A good example of this is the LOI course. You will cover the most common Excel topics using a book or manual. For example, you will learn how to work with worksheets, functions and formulas, how to apply templates and how to insert graphs and graphic objects. There is also a lot of attention for how you can use Excel as a database, or how you can program in Excel. Those who cannot resolve the issue themselves can call a helpline where there is someone who can assist them and provide further assistance.

Excel course at Schoevers

Another type of course is the course where you are actually physically guided. An important part of the study must of course be done independently. This course is offered by Schoevers, for example. Schoevers is a school that has a good reputation in training secretaries and management assistants. You will of course pay more for this. The course is given at nine different locations in the country. There are also certain entry requirements. For example, Schoevers prefers that you have passed an ECDL Spreadsheets module exam. The agency offers the course at different levels. This is to take into account the different levels at which people start. Similar courses to Schoevers are also given at ExplaniT and the Training Center, for example.

Online Excel course

A third type of course is the online course and is offered by various institutions. It is often about making people curious so that they will eventually take a paid course. A good example of this is the Learnit course. In five lessons you will learn the basic aspects of Excel such as making basic accounts and graphs. You must pay for the advanced courses. The online courses are indeed usually useful for mastering the basics.