Savings – credit card savings give high interest

Credit card savings also exist and it yields a nice savings interest rate. Applying for a credit card and saving gives a higher interest rate than many other ways of saving. Think of Visa, the Mastercard. International Card Services ICS issues MasterCard and Visa credit cards in our country. The savings interest you receive on a positive balance is among the highest savings interest rates in our country. So also use your credit card to save and not just to borrow or buy on installments. But of course you can borrow money quickly, because that remains convenient. The prepaid credit card is without BKR and therefore very useful.

Apply for a credit card at which bank?

Almost every major bank offers a credit card. You will then receive a credit that depends on how much you earn. For example, you can apply for a credit card at banks such as:

  • ABN Amro;
  • ING;
  • The Rabobank;
  • SNS bank.

Then you can often purchase a credit card such as Visa from associations such as the ANWB or a hardware store.

Which credit card does credit card savings?

The number of credit cards is now countless. You know them, VISA, Mastercard, the ANWB, the Bijenkorf, Maison de Bonneterie, Eredivisie Card, Ingenieurs Service Card, LandRover Card and the Dutch Ski Association Card. All cards from the International Card Services, ICS, in Diemen. But ICS also has a cooperation program with the former Fortis Bank, Heineken and BMW. The credit card is super useful if you have no or insufficient cash with you, or if you want to take advantage of the fact that a product purchased with the card is extra insured during transport home and often for some time afterwards. Also consider insurance when purchasing online. These cards can be managed online and therefore it is easy to deposit money into them via your own contra account.

Buy something on credit

The credit card is often used to buy something in installments or in installments. ICS then actually finances your purchase and asks for compensation in the form of interest. This interest is usually higher than the interest on a personal loan or revolving credit, because you have immediate access to money and can use it to make nice purchases. If you want to pay with a credit card and still pay almost no interest, just make sure that you pay the credit company’s bills regularly. A smart way to use the credit card: with the advantages and little or no disadvantages. Another smart way of using a credit card is credit card savings . In addition, customer cards such as the Bijenkorf BIJcard often provide all kinds of discounts on purchases of cosmetics, for example, and you can save points.

Saving credit card, an overview

Just as you can overdraw your credit card account, you can also build up a buffer. Anyone who has a higher balance than 400 euros and sometimes 500 euros will receive a princely interest. A major advantage of saving with a credit card is that you can immediately access your money. This is a great way to quickly recoup the costs of a credit card.

Bank guarantee on savings

The ICS company has a Dutch banking license and is not only subject to the supervision of the Dutch Bank and the AFM, but is also fully covered by the deposit guarantee scheme of our country. This means that a maximum of 100,000 euros of your money per person is guaranteed, in case a company goes bankrupt. This makes saving with a credit card not only affordable but also safe. Anyone who wants to spread their savings can also leave extra money on their credit card account. Always check who issues your credit card, as this could also be a foreign institution for which different guarantee schemes may apply.

The prepaid credit card

The prepaid credit card is a payment card that is not linked to your bank account. You first deposit money on your card and then the payments are debited from your account, just like with a regular credit card. The prepaid credit card has the same options as a regular credit card. Just say Visa, Mastercard or American Express, but prepaid. Well-known provider is Wirecard. A big difference with the other credit cards is that there is no BKR assessment .

Top savings interest rate

Anyone who compares the current top interest rates with savings rates will see that some work has to be done. The savings interest on an immediately withdrawable savings account may be low, but a savings deposit usually yields a higher return. If you want more interest on your savings, you will have to tie up your money for a little longer. That also makes credit card savings attractive. Moreover, it is a variable interest rate and when the economy continues to improve, it will probably increase at some point.

Key lock

Anyone who wants to get the highest savings interest rate also looks at credit card savings, because that yields a lot.

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