Don’t throw it away, sell it

You can probably still sell items that you discard and that are not broken. On websites such as and, people are often willing to pay for things that you would not expect. You name it, there are collectors for it. It is very easy to dispose of your discarded items via the internet and this way you can also earn money with it. You will have to spend some time putting everything on the internet and taking pictures of the items, but it is often worth it. There is probably someone in the Netherlands who is willing to pay a suitable amount for it. Selling cheap items that have to be sent expensively is a little more difficult. In that case, there must be an interested party within your own region.

Earn money by cleaning out the attic

After clearing out the attic, you can have your belongings collected for free by the thrift store. This way you get rid of your stuff, but it can also be done in a way that will benefit you yourself. You can still sell items of some value (more than €5) via Marktplaats. This applies in particular to clothing, especially children’s clothing. You can often sell branded clothing that your children have outgrown for high prices. A major advantage of selling clothing is that shipping costs can often be kept low.

Sell via

You can easily create an account on After the registration procedure, you can immediately start selling items. Visitors to the website can bid on the items you put up for sale, but you can also choose to charge a fixed amount. If visitors can bid themselves, you can let interested parties bid against each other.

Selling at flea markets

You can also try to get rid of your belongings at a flea market. In one day you can try to sell your stuff to visitors to the market. However, this way of selling also has disadvantages. Firstly, you have to pay to get a pitch. Secondly, it will take you a whole day to organize everything and staff your stall. Third, a flea market is a place where people expect to be able to buy things at a very low cost. The buyers all want a ringside seat for a dime.

Selling at the Koninginnemarkt

This way of selling is especially suitable for selling children’s toys. You can try to get a nice spot for free in the center where many visitors will come. It’s a lot of fun to sell these things together. Your children can use the proceeds to buy new toys, and you can get rid of unnecessary items. Many families with children come to this market and above all it is very pleasant.