Can I request my details from the BKR?

Everyone with a borrowing history is registered with the Credit Registration Office (BKR). You can view your own data by requesting it. Before credit institutions grant a loan, they first check the applicant with the BKR. They do this to prevent people from getting too many debts in their names. A second reason is to protect credit institutions against defaulters who already have (had) payment problems elsewhere. The registration therefore takes place in the interest of both parties. If credit institutions were unable to protect themselves against bad payers, they would grant credit less quickly and also at a higher interest rate due to the risk they run in that case.

What is recorded at the BKR?

Data relating to the person is recorded. This concerns the name, address, place of residence and date of birth of the person who has loans in his name. Information about the loan itself is recorded, such as the amount of the credit and the term of the loan. Data is kept on current loans and on loans that have now been terminated (remains for 5 years).

What is considered a loan?

The term loan does not only include revolving credits and personal loans. A deferred payment, for example, is also registered with the BKR. A deferred payment is simply a loan. Buying a car where you have to pay half now and in two years the second half is a loan and will be registered. This applies even if you do not have to pay interest during the deferred period.

Who can request my BKR details?

You can of course do this yourself, as it is your own data. If you apply for credit from a financial institution, they may also request your details. This should not be done simply to investigate someone, for example, without a good reason (for example a credit application).

How can I view my data?

You can submit a request for this to your bank. They will have you fill out an application form. You must identify yourself when handing it in to a bank employee. The data is only provided to the person himself. When requesting your data from the register, you must pay 4.95. For the same amount it is also possible to view your data at the BKR in Tiel.

Who requested my details from the BKR?

Only affiliated institutions can request data from the BKR. These are institutions that need to have insight into your financial position in connection with the products and services they offer. You can also ask the BKR who requested your data in the past year.

Removal of a negative registration with the BKR

If you are incorrectly registered negatively, you can contact the BKR. In general, they will refer you to the financial institution that recorded the negative registration. This party must ensure that this negative signaling is corrected. See also: Debts of an ex-partner