Which color best suits which work situation

Of course, appearance isn’t everything. However, a first impression is particularly important in certain situations. For example, during a job application or a sales interview, it is crucial how you come across at first glance. Of course you dress neatly before you appear for an important meeting. Often the classic, flawless pinstripe works really well in these situations. But did you know that with certain colors you can also have a great influence on how someone else experiences you?


This is a commonly seen color in the business world. A good choice for people who want to be respected, it exudes authority. Also very suitable for plus size people, because black is flattering. But there is still a bit of a sense of mourning attached to black. That is why it is not wise to wear only black. You can choose to add color accents, such as a red scarf or red pumps and other accessories for the ladies and a red tie for the men. This breaks the black and makes it a bit more personal.


If you have an artistic profession, orange is a suitable color to wear. It increases your creativity and is stimulating. The color makes you extroverted and radiates warmth and cheerfulness.


Red gives you self-confidence, energy and strength. The color is suitable if you really want to stand out and make an impression. You can wear red if you have to start something that you don’t really have the energy for or if you think you are not suitable for a certain assignment. Don’t exaggerate, beautiful red is not ugly, but too much red is very overpowering. A few red accents are sufficient to achieve the intended effect


A soothing color. Very suitable if you want to concentrate on a task. Even when there are conflict situations at work, blue is a good color to prevent emotions from becoming too heated. This cool color represents detachment, tranquility, loyalty.


White represents innocence, virginity. The color shows that you are neutral in something and can be suitable if you have to act as an impartial third party, for example to resolve a conflict as a mediator.


Yellow is the color of cheerfulness, optimism and communication. It is a color that invites conversation. You should also not exaggerate with this color. A well-measured amount of yellow appears friendly and gives the wearer self-confidence.


Green stands for naturalness. Dark green is a masculine color, suitable for people who work for environmentally friendly companies or in the green sector. Show that you would like to contribute to a better world. Appears relaxed. Light green is a fresh, striking color.


A timeless, unobtrusive color. Gives cool elegance and radiates calmness. It is a color that allows many combinations with other colors and that is necessary, otherwise you will quickly look too boring.


This color makes a reliable, sincere impression. Indicates that the wearer feels comfortable. Stands for steadfastness, stability.


A color that stands out, but not in an exaggerated way. It holds attention and is therefore particularly suitable if you have to give a presentation. The color is also said to increase your intuitive skills and that can also be quite useful in certain situations.


A mysterious, feminine color. Purple represents the spiritual and wisdom. Moreover, the color radiates luxury, it is not without reason that it is a color that was often worn by kings. Stimulates the imagination.


Pink makes it soft and accessible and is ideally suited for people who work in healthcare. The color represents friendliness and shows that you are not a threat to others.

To elect

Of course, certain colors suit some better than others. You will automatically see whether a color does something for you or not. Some colors make you look duller and other colors make you shine. The choice is then quickly made.