How do I reduce my energy bill?

You can save effectively by saving on monthly recurring costs. By following a few tips you can reduce your energy bill. The amount of the energy bill varies greatly per household. You pay an advance every month and after one year the amount paid will be settled with the amount you owe based on your consumption. Competition in the energy market has increased significantly in recent years. In the past there was no choice, but the various energy companies ensure healthy competition that keeps prices competitive. By comparing different providers you can save tens to hundreds of euros per year. You can of course save even more by carefully monitoring your consumption.

Save by investing

Purchasing a new central heating boiler is initially a major investment, but you can save a lot over several years. Modern HR boilers easily pay for themselves over the years. By investing in good insulation you can prevent a lot of heat loss in the cold seasons. A lot of heat in the house is lost through the roof. Heat rises, so with poor roof insulation the heat can easily escape. A roof can be insulated for a relatively low amount. You can recoup such an investment in a few years.

Switch to another energy company

When comparing the providers, you will easily be able to find a cheaper energy company. You must be very careful when comparing. There is a danger that a calculation does not take the total costs into account. You must ensure that you will not be faced with any surprises after you switch. By following the tips below you can save a few extra euros per month. This does not mean very large savings, but you can keep the money you do not spend back in your wallet.

Shower or bath?

You can save a lot of money by taking a shower instead of a bath. This is not only about saving water, but the unused water also does not have to be heated. However, if you take a shower for more than five minutes, a large part of the savings will be lost. Taking a short shower instead of a full bath will save you approximately 50 to 100 liters of hot water.

Heating does not have to be on everywhere

Lowering the thermostat in the living room will save you money, but most people don’t want to sit in the cold to save a few euros. However, you can ensure that the entire house is not heated. For example, the heating in an unused bedroom does not need to be fully turned on.

Wash colder

By setting the washing machine to a lower temperature, you can wash the clothes clean and save money. Another option is to omit the prewash. The same goes for the dishwasher. You can save money by choosing a shorter program if you do not have items in the dishwasher that require a long program.

Bulk consumers at the door

When purchasing new equipment, it is worthwhile to pay attention not only to the price of purchasing equipment, but also to its consumption. This especially applies to appliances such as the television, washing machine, refrigerator and freezer. These consume a lot of electricity.