Telephone sales are effective

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly better protected against the telephone terror of telemarketing companies. Yet these companies continue to do so. They don’t do this for nothing, because it still pays off. Everyone knows it when you are just about to sit down to watch your favorite program and the phone rings. You can easily recognize the telemarketing companies through shielded telephone numbers, but you answer anyway. You will then receive an offer from the call center employee that you cannot refuse. If you do, they will subtly ask you for the reason for rejection. You will be asked a question such as: Do you not want lower monthly costs? In the past the sales method was tougher, but they can still increase the pressure to make you decide otherwise. Yet it appears that they are successful with this method, because telephone sales continue.

Telephone sales?

Telephone sales have many advantages over other forms of sales. Marketers are always looking for the most effective way to sell as much as possible at the lowest possible cost. Telemarketing companies benefit from reaching as many people as possible who are likely to be interested in the product they offer. If you complete a survey indicating your interest in saving on energy costs, you can expect a call within a few days. The telemarketing companies are also happy with the do not call register. This way they do not invest time and energy in people who are most likely not going to purchase anything anyway.

Why choose telephone sales?

It is a cheap form of sales. Other forms, such as sending a mailing, are expensive and less effective. With telephone sales the target group can be approached directly. They can hire cheap labor for this and make their income partly dependent on sales. All they need is a telephone and a calling script.

Maleficent companies

Unfortunately, there are also telemarketing companies that try to sell in a dishonest way. For example, they do not tell the whole story and saddle the consumer with a subscription for which they have to pay more than agreed. The company can be held accountable for this, but it can also be caused by an individual employee. They have a financial interest in selling as much as possible, selling more means earning more. However, the company cannot hide behind this, they are responsible.

What products and services do they offer?

Nowadays the emphasis is on energy and telephony. In the past, it was mainly mortgages and insurance products, but that is happening less and less. In general, this concerns monthly recurring subscriptions or obligations. The lotteries are also becoming increasingly active in recruiting new members over the telephone.

How do the companies get my data?

Unless you have an unlisted phone number, they can easily access your information. Yet this is often not the method they use. They prefer to call their own target group to increase their chances of scoring. They can purchase this data from companies that have it, for example by conducting surveys. This is a very effective way because they can respond to the answers you have given to certain questions.