Which banks offer the highest savings interest in the Netherlands?

Also save in 2021 with the highest savings interest? Therefore, change banks immediately and opt for a top interest rate, even if that top interest rate is now lower than it used to be. Save with, for example, Centraal Beheer, Nationale Nederlanden, NIBC Direct, Leaseplan bank, Knab, banks that offer a nice savings interest rate. And of course this list of banks with a high savings interest rate can be supplemented with the savings interest rate on a savings deposit. Who is best to save with? See the current interest rates and compare this interest with what you currently receive on your savings account. Switch and choose the highest savings interest rate. Across the board, savings interest rates are somewhat lower than we are used to, but that could quickly change.

The banks with the highest savings interest in 2021

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  • Where can I save safely at a variable interest rate?
  • Centraal Beheer in 2021 and Nationale Nederlanden
  • Which seven Dutch banks offer the highest savings interest?
  • What interest do foreign banks give in the Netherlands?
  • Highest savings interest in 2021
  • Should I buy bonds?
  • Which bank to save at?

Change savings bank

Taking all your banking matters with you and changing banks is often complex and not necessary at all. But just moving your savings from one bank to another is super easy and can be done very quickly:

  • First find a safe bank with the highest savings interest rate.
  • Open a savings account online for free.

Where can I save safely at a variable interest rate?

You can save safely at all banks located in the Netherlands. These banks fall under the deposit guarantee scheme of the Dutch Bank. In short, this guarantees up to a maximum of 100,000 euros of your savings per person and per institution. If a bank goes bankrupt, the money you had with the bank will be transferred to you by the Dutch Bank, DNB. The aim is to process the repayment of savings within a maximum of three months in the event of bankruptcy. So save no more than 100,000 euros per person at multiple banks and per bank and everything is 100% guaranteed. Very reassuring.

Centraal Beheer in 2021 and Nationale Nederlanden

Centraal Beheer gives 0.04% interest. Anyone can open a new Interest Plus account here. Centraal Beheer is also fully covered by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme and all guarantees that come with it. The interest rate at Nationale Nederlanden is slightly higher. The savings interest is more than what you get with, for example, ABN AMRO.

Which seven Dutch banks offer the highest savings interest?

Anyone who snoops on the Internet to compare savings interest rates will currently find 7 Dutch banks that offer the highest savings interest rate for a savings account without conditions regarding the deposit of money or withdrawal of money. These banks are therefore at the top with their savings interest rates in the Netherlands. The positions as of January 1, 2021 for savings accounts without conditions and with a top interest rate are:

  • NIBC Direct: 0.15%;
  • National Netherlands: 0.05%;
  • Lease plan bank: 0.10%.
  • Centraal Beheer: 0.04%;
  • Argenta: 0.05%.
  • LLoyds: 0.3%;
  • Knab: 0.04%.

Argenta pays interest, but is not covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme, but the Belgian one. Lloyds is covered by the German deposit guarantee scheme.

What interest do foreign banks give in the Netherlands?

When we talk about foreign banks in the Netherlands, it usually concerns a Dutch BV and in any case a bank that is also covered by the Dutch guarantee. The interest rate at these banks is often much higher than at the major banks and you can take out a deposit there. A few examples for the immediately withdrawable savings account are, all as of January 1, 2021 :

  • Lloyds bank: 0.3%;
  • Anadolubank: 0.08%;
  • DHB: 0.07%;
  • Yapi Kredi: 0.01%;
  • GarantiBank International: 0.01%.

Highest savings interest in 2021

This means that the list of banks that give the highest savings interest on an account without restrictive conditions is as follows (January 1, 2021):

  • Lloyds: 0.3%;
  • NIBC Direct: 0.15%;
  • LeasePlan Bank: 0.10%;
  • National Netherlands: 0.05%;
  • Anadolubank: 0.08%.
  • DHB: 0.07%;
  • Argenta: 0.05%;
  • Knab: 0.04%.
  • Central management: 0.04%;
  • GarantiBank International: 0.01%;

The Knab bank is relatively interesting for savings and savings deposits with 0.5% for a savings deposit, but it does impose the condition that you open a checking account with the Knab bank.

Should I buy bonds?

Bonds are regularly in the spotlight and can also provide a good return, but a bond has no savings guarantee. A bond is an investment and not a savings product. Moreover, bonds involve quite a few risks. Bonds issued by countries in the EU seemed safe, but since the problems with Greece and other countries in Europe we know better. Corporate bonds are also anything but certain. Finally, there are perpetual bonds. These bonds attract attention because of their high interest rates, but that is because they are subordinated loans. So if such a country or company gets into trouble, you will almost certainly lose your money. Yes, then the highest interest on a bank account, the money from which can be withdrawn immediately, is certainly preferable to all kinds of uncertain returns.

Which bank to save at?

It is not so clear which bank you should choose. But if you are currently looking for the highest savings interest rate in the Netherlands, you will find the most interesting banks above. The LeasePlan Bank, NIBC Direct and LLoyds bank are the most attractive due to the higher interest rates. The choice is yours and pay attention to the current interest rates.