What can you do with change?

Many people consciously or unconsciously save a lot of small money. After a while, the small amount of money can make it impossible to close the wallet. Small money is sometimes still spent at a market, but in shops people often pay with a debit card or rather reach for big money. What can you do with the ransom?


People often save small money, this can sometimes happen automatically because you often pay in cash and do not want to walk around with a wallet that is too big. If you consciously save small money, attach a goal to it so that you do not spend it unnecessarily. Some examples could be:

  • continue saving each time until a certain date
  • save for a certain amount
  • save for a vacation or something you’ve always wanted to do

If you want to be sure that you do not take money out of the piggy bank, you can buy tin piggy banks at various stores. These can contain money, but to get it out you have to open them with a can opener. This ensures that you do not take the money unnecessarily.

To the bank

Most larger banks have counting machines. You first insert your card into the machine, enter the PIN code and place the small change in a container. The machine counts the money automatically. The deposited amount will then be immediately visible in your account. However, not all banks have such a machine. In fact, at some banks or branches you can only deposit large amounts of money via a machine or you will be given paper money tubes to take home in which you can store, for example, 10x50ct or you will have to hand in each type of coin separately in bags and the amount will be determined based on the weight. certain. Nowadays, various banks also charge money for depositing money. This actually makes it no longer worthwhile for children to arrive at the bank with a little pocket money. It is not possible to exchange small money for large money at a bank.

To the shop

Many shops and market stalls are very happy with small change. It is a good idea if you have calculated it yourself in advance and prefer to visit a store that you visit often, perhaps they will trust you that the amount you have calculated also corresponds to what you bring. Shops and market stalls have to pay money if they want to get rolls of small change from the bank. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay for anything. You may be able to speak to an employee and perhaps exchange the small change for bills.

Pay with small money

Many shops will be happy with your small change, especially if you tell them that you are coming for it and have already calculated it in advance. However, there are also stores that will not be happy with me. European law states that if someone wants to pay with more than 50 coins, this may be refused. Furthermore, a store may only refuse money if it is clearly indicated where it cannot be missed by customers. The problem is that counting out often takes a lot of time for employees and time costs them money.

To give away

Every now and then someone will undoubtedly come to your house with a collection box. In this way, money is regularly raised for charities. So you can possibly donate your money to charity. If you can donate a reasonable amount, it may also give you a good feeling. Besides giving away to charity, you can also use change for birthdays. You can do something funny with the change, such as sticking it in a shape on a card or putting it in hobby plaster, after which the birthday boy or girl has to do his or her best to get to the money.