How does PayPal work?

Nowadays you can buy almost everything via the internet. Useful sites such as Marktplaats and Ebay make it possible to turn the product into a bargain. It is not always safe to make a purchase via the internet, especially from private individuals. That is why, before you make a purchase, you often have to perform certain actions that are not always easy to understand. One of them is PayPal. Here it is explained.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an intermediary that handles banking matters for payments. For those who often make purchases via the internet, PayPal is there to handle everything safely. PayPal can be used by private individuals, business individuals and companies. If you make a purchase as a private individual via Ebay or Marktplaats, you must provide your personal details and bank details to initiate the payment. It is not always safe to provide personal information. It can be abused. PayPal was invented to get around this . Before making a purchase, first create a PayPal account. You enter your personal and bank details at PayPal. As soon as you make a purchase, you then transfer the procedure to PayPal, which will arrange everything for you. Of course, PayPal is not only very safe, it is also very easy. Especially if you sell goods or services via Ebay or Marktplaats, you have no hassle and you can easily outsource everything to PayPal. As a business user of PayPal (that’s what it’s called if you sell goods or services) you pay a certain percentage + a fixed amount per transaction to PayPal . You can read what PayPal costs below.

How much does PayPal cost?

If you make a purchase via Ebay or Marktplaats using PayPal, you do not have to pay anything at all. You have no transaction costs, no setup costs and no account costs. So it is completely, one hundred percent free. If you sell via Ebay or Marktplaats you pay a fee. You are then a business user of PayPal. You pay a fixed rate to Pay Pal per transaction. This currently stands at 3.4% per transaction + 0.34 euro cents. If you have completed a transaction of 100 euros, you pay 3.40 euros + 0.34 euro cents to PayPal. If you sell more than EUR 2,500.00 per month, you can apply for a business account with PayPal. You will then gradually have to pay fewer transaction costs. If you handle more than 100,000.00 euros in transactions (per month), the transaction costs per transaction are 1.5% + always the fixed amount of 0.35 euro cents. The full list looks like this:

EUR 0.00 – EUR 2,500.00

3.4% + EUR 0.35

EUR 2,500.01 – EUR 10,000.00

2.9% + EUR 0.35

EUR 10,000.01 – EUR 50,000.00

2.3% + EUR 0.35

EUR 50,000.01 – EUR 100,000.00

1.9% + EUR 0.35

> EUR 100,000.00

1.5% + EUR 0.35

Buy a product through Ebay using PayPal

How do you buy a product with PayPal? Follow the next steps !

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Go to
  4. Click on ”Open account” in the middle left
  5. Select the type of account you want
  6. Follow all the steps that follow

When you open an account you cannot immediately use PayPal . A small amount will be deposited into your account for verification. You must then enter the amount of this amount in a box. These actions take time. So take this into account before you want to make a purchase via Ebay or

Make a purchase

Once you make a purchase via Ebay or Marktplaats and you use PayPal, you don’t have to do anything anymore. The transaction amount is automatically debited from your bank balance by PayPal and then deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account.