Hair salon: get your hair cut and styled at BrainWash

The BrainWash company is revolutionizing hairdressing. In just a few years, the company has grown into a fearsome price fighter. Other hair salons fear the arrival of a BrainWash branch in their area. The hairdressing chain has succeeded in this by having hair cut and styled for a low price. There are also extended opening hours. The hairdressing chain BrainWash is causing a small revolution in the hairdressing industry. The chain started in 2006 and was an initiative of brothers Martijn and Mareno de Kort. They asked themselves what the ideal hair salon should look like. Before that, they looked around a lot at other things. Then they came up with their own concept. The most striking thing is that everyone can have their hair washed, cut and styled at the same low price. In 2010 that price was 14.00 euros. This makes them cheaper than many other hair salons and also attracts many customers. Another striking point is the long opening hours. Most BrainWash businesses are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This makes it easy for customers to walk in, even outside working hours. Cutting is not done by appointment.

Get your hair cut at BrainWash

The first business opened in 2006 and there are now almost a hundred businesses. The margins achieved on haircuts are not large, so Brainwash mainly relies on scale. That means many branches and many haircuts. The advantage of this large scale is that many products can be purchased together, for example scissor sets and washing chairs. Most businesses are opened in neighborhoods where many people live with relatively little money. Partly due to the credit crisis, BrainWash has been able to quickly develop into a solid competitor to many established hair salons.

BrainWash locations

Many hair salons now fear the moment when it becomes known that a BrainWash branch is opening in their area. It is often not possible for them to compete with the low prices of the hairdressing chain. As a result, they lose many customers to BrainWash. In an article in Het Parool, they were mainly advised not to change too much, especially not in prices. This could actually give regular customers the idea that they have paid far too much money in recent years. The profit margin would also become so small that most hair salons would no longer be profitable in the long term and would therefore go bankrupt.

Future plans of BrainWash

In the long term, the owners aim for approximately 20 percent market share. In 5 years they want to have 300 businesses. They are well on schedule for this, because a new BrainWash branch is opened almost every week. The owners try to increase turnover by selling styling and care products in every hair salon.

Working for BrainWash

Anyone who wants to work for the hairdressing chain should not be lazy. If there are no customers for a while, the staff is sent out into the street to distribute flyers for the chain. The company also profiles itself by sponsoring football clubs. She was a shirt sponsor of FC Den Bosch in the First Division and is also a sponsor of the Eindhoven top football club PSV.