The baby set does not have to be that expensive

If you are not well off financially and you are expecting a child. Then as expectant parents you can be in a lot of trouble. Because there is a lot to consider when having a baby. You do need a large baby set for the basic necessities of life for your child. Have you already browsed in baby stores? Then you have seen that prices can skyrocket. 1000 to 1500 for a baby room is nothing. And then we haven’t even talked about the clothes, care products, stroller, Maxi Cosi, and so on. You can read this article to help you gather a good baby set without too many financial worries. There really is a lot possible. But you have to start on time and have the courage.

Baby supplies

When you go to a baby store to buy the necessities, you will notice that the employees try to sell you anything and everything. As a result, you spend much more than you initially planned. In principle, all that extra stuff is really not bad, and they all have their purposes. But I have my doubts about whether they were actually necessary…………, I have my doubts about that. Remember, if you still need something that you don’t have at home yet, you can always purchase it later. Baby stores are often open 6 days a week and there is always one that has shopping Sundays. You can place baby supplies in different categories. Below you will find the categories with a detailed description of what exactly you need. And of course the most important thing: where you can buy it as cheaply as possible.


  • Baby room
  • En route
  • Care
  • Baby clothes
  • Power supply
  • To sleep

The baby room

The baby room is the start of your baby layette . The baby sleeps in the nursery, is cared for, and the clothes hang there. And it will become your child’s future play location. Of course it is best to stick a baby wallpaper in your room. But keep in mind that the wallpaper will have to be replaced with nursery wallpaper, and later with teenage wallpaper. A simple solution to this is to simply stick wall stickers. At Zeeman, Action or Xenos you often have nice wall stickers for a few euros. You can then change this to your heart’s content without costing you a fortune. You will also need a bed/crib, changing table and a cupboard. In a baby store you can easily pay a thousand euros for the furniture. But this can be really cheap. Just look at 2nd hand sites. Complete baby rooms are offered there for a few hundred euros. And these baby rooms are often offered in a more complete way than in a baby store. The baby rooms offered have often only been used for a few years and are in good condition. But before you buy. First make an appointment with the seller to view the items. This way you don’t make a bad purchase. Also agree carefully on what is and is not included in the purchase.

En route

If you want to leave with your child, on foot or by car. Of course you need the stuff to transport your child. Generally you need the following:

  • Pram
  • Travel cot
  • Maxicosi

From 6 months

  • Buggy/buggy seat
  • Car seat

Today’s modern strollers are often 3 systems in one. It is often the base where you can place the travel cot, Maxi Cosi or buggy seat. Nowadays, a stroller for 1 child often lasts for years. In a baby store and depending on which brand you choose, you can easily spend around €750 for a stroller. And then there are often the loose parts. Such as a footmuff, adapters, sheets, blankets, diaper bag, and so on. This can also save you money if you buy it second hand. Of course there are often traces of use. But the purchase often saves half or more. And here too, for money, the stroller is usually offered completely complete. But always check with the seller first. Take the stroller for a walk. Pay attention to whether the car still steers and brakes properly, and whether the adjustable parts are still in good condition. If they still have them, ask for the instructions for use. Warning However, 2 parts deserve a warning. If you want to buy a 2nd hand Maxi cosi or car seat, be very careful. You don’t know what happened to these chairs in the past. This is about transporting your child safely. If the seat has been in an accident, there is usually nothing visible from the outside. While there may be a crack on the inside. The second-hand offers are often complete with a Maxi Cosi. But just to be sure, I would replace the “old Maxi cosi” with a new one from the store.


There is a lot to consider when caring for a baby. No matter how crazy you think it is, it is there for your baby. But be careful with that. If you buy things impulsively, you will later see that you haven’t used a lot of them. Below you will find a list of what you need for the care of your child.

  • bath/tummy tub (with stand)
  • Bath thermometer
  • Diaper pail
  • 2 bath capes
  • 6 hydrophilic washcloths
  • Changing pad
  • 2 covers for changing mat
  • Nail scissors with rounded tips
  • hairbrush/comb
  • 6 face wipes
  • 3 belly straps
  • Baby oil
  • Baby body lotion
  • Baby hair lotion
  • Baby soap/baby wash cream/baby wash gel
  • Baby massage oil
  • Baby shampoo
  • Lotion wipes
  • Zinc ointment/sudocreme
  • 12 hydrophilic diapers
  • 6 flannel diapers
  • 1 pack newborn disposable diapers

It’s a long list, but you can also save a lot here. Don’t just buy the expensive A-brands. The HEMA care products are excellent, and it often saves half the price. Pay close attention to offers. Diapers and lotion wipes are often on sale somewhere. Such as get 3 get 2 pay offers. Which brand of diaper to prefer is just a matter of trying it out.

Baby clothes

With baby clothes the most important thing is don’t buy too much. Small children grow very quickly. In the beginning about 1 size every 2 months. And you often receive a lot of baby clothes when your baby is born, from friends or family. Of course, what you buy depends on your taste. To be ready cheaply, the Zeeman is a good option. But of course you can also shop second hand. You can often get expensive designer clothes for next to nothing. Baby packages are also often offered. This often includes what you need for the first period. These clothes have only been used for a short time, because babies grow very quickly. In the list below, you can see what you will need approximately in the beginning.

  • Rompers (quite a few) in 50/56 and 62/68
  • 4 pairs of pants
  • 2 wrap shirts
  • 2 playsuits
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 hats
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 jacket/vest

Don’t buy everything very small. If you have a large child, size 50 will soon be too small, so you will have bought it for nothing. It is better to buy clothes in size 56. If it is a bit on the large side, you can always turn the cuffs in the beginning.

Baby food

The best, most natural and cheapest food is of course breastfeeding. Breastfeeding contains almost everything your child needs. It is always ready and at the right temperature. But there are always circumstances when you do not want or cannot breastfeed. Just think about breast operations and wanting to go back to work quickly. Or you simply don’t give enough or no milk. Then you start giving formula or bottle feeding . Below you will see a list of what you need if you start using formula/bottle feeding.

  • 4 feeding bottles
  • 4 bottle teats
  • Bottle cleaner
  • Nursing pillow (not necessary)
  • Nursing pillow cover (not necessary)
  • Bottle warmer (not necessary)
  • Microwave sterilizer
  • Milk powder tower (for on the go)
  • Milk powder

Depending on how your baby responds to formula, you need a certain type of formula. This can be: standard, hypoallergenic, against colic, hungry baby, lactose intolerant. A type of milk powder will be chosen in consultation with the maternity nurse. The brand doesn’t matter that much. All brands of milk powder meet the highest strict quality requirements. So your own brand of milk powder is no less than a Friso or Nutricia brand. And own brand is a lot cheaper. The brand of bottle you will use to feed your baby also depends on your baby. One baby drinks better from bottle brand A, and the other baby drinks better from bottle brand B. The maternity nurse will advise you on which brand of bottle you should get. Don’t buy 6 bottles of a brand in advance. Because if your baby doesn’t like it, you bought the bottles for nothing. It is better to purchase 1 bottle of 2 or 3 brands in advance. Then you can decide which brand bottle you will continue with.

To sleep

Sleep is very important for your child. Babies sleep a lot, especially in the beginning. It is therefore very important to have the right things at home for a good rest period for your child. The list below shows what you need.

  • 2 sleeping bags
  • 2 sleep suits
  • 2 jars
  • 2 hot water bottles
  • 2 (molton) bed sheets
  • 3 molton fitted sheets
  • 3 top sheets
  • 3 fitted/bottom sheets
  • Bed sheet, small
  • 2 blankets
  • Baby monitor
  • Weekend bed (for when the child goes to sleepover)

The hot water bottles are used to warm up the baby bed before your baby goes in it. It also gives the baby the warm, familiar environment he/she had in the womb. This makes your baby fall asleep more easily. In the first few months after your baby’s birth, sleeping bags are usually not necessary. Sleeping bags are usually used for babies who sleep very restlessly or who keep kicking their blanket away. A sleeping bag cannot kick a baby away and restless babies often sleep better in a sleeping bag. Your maternity nurse will teach you how to make a baby bed. You can get sleeping bags, fitted sheets and other bed necessities very cheaply at HEMA. But Kruidvat and Wibra also sell cheap bed items. Here too, you can also buy a lot of second-hand items. The advantage of bed linen is that it can be washed at higher temperatures. So you don’t have to worry about possible infections.

Free baby products

In the Netherlands you can request or collect many free baby boxes. You often have to apply for this via the Internet. Or fill out a form in the baby store. Or you must hand in a birth announcement at the relevant store. Such a baby box often contains some care products, a pacifier or bib, discount coupons, booklets, and often a lot of advertising. One box will be more beautiful and better than the other. But a gift horse………… You can request baby boxes from the following websites or stores.

  • Prénatal (happy box)
  • Parents of Nu Zwanger Box/Etos
  • Baby point
  • Baby dump
  • We young parents
  • Plusmarkt (hand in birth certificate)
  • C1000 (submit birth certificate)
  • Babystore Snowis (submit birth certificate)
  • Kruidvat gift box is currently not available (a new one will be available during the year)


If you decide to buy second hand, don’t start your search too late. Some products will not always be immediately available. And if you start making your purchases on time, you also spread the costs. Money for all second hand items. Check it out carefully before you buy. This saves a lot of bad purchases and annoyance.