Car insurance

It is always annoying when a car sustains damage. For example, due to a collision or accident. The damage is often variable. Sometimes a car will be completely in ruins – a total loss – and other times it will be a crack in the windshield or a small dent in one of the doors. Car insurance was created to cover the damage.

Three coverages

In the Netherlands, car insurance is insurance that insures damage caused by or with your own car. This way, a driver will not have to pay for the high costs that such a situation often results in. In the Netherlands there are three types of coverage for car damage, which can also be insured additionally.

Liability Coverage

Agreements have been made throughout Europe about taking out car insurance and liability. Liability coverage is required by law. This law must meet a number of requirements, including that the minimum insured amount is one million euros per victim.

Limited hull coverage

As the name suggests, this is limited coverage. The limited comprehensive coverage covers, for example, damage caused by fire, storm or theft. This coverage does not apply to damage caused by a collision or the car going off the road.

Full hull coverage

The full comprehensive cover covers all damage caused by, for example, collisions, overturning of the car and going off the road, but also covers damage caused by theft, storm or fire, such as the limited comprehensive cover. Damage to both the owner’s and the victim’s vehicles will be compensated, even if the insured is at fault.

Additional insurance

In addition to these insurance policies, extensions are also possible with additional insurance policies. There are usually three additional insurance policies, including passenger accident insurance, passenger damage insurance and legal expenses insurance.

Passenger accident insurance

For example, if one of the occupants, the driver, dies, sustains damage or becomes disabled, the passenger accident insurance will be paid out once. In the event of both death and permanent disability, an insured amount is discussed in advance. This can amount to tens of thousands of euros.

Passenger damage insurance

If a passenger is also injured by the driver in an accident, the passenger damage insurance will compensate the passenger. This concerns both material damage and personal injury. The compensation of surviving relatives in the event of death will also be covered by this insurance. The maximum amount can be one million euros.

Legal insurance

If an accident turns out to be completely unfavorable and there is a lawsuit, legal expenses insurance may be able to provide help. For example, when a conflict has arisen about driving behavior or defects in a vehicle. This insurance assures the party involved of legal assistance.